Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Visions of Sugar Plum Winners

I have some winners. Miss Debbie Dee Fisher from The Paper Garden won my snowflake, which by the way I don't have a box for yet, so I'll be looking for one of those today. This snow flake isn't exactly small....

Marie B from Another Card Making Blog won my Angel, which needs a special sized box as well that I need to locate...And lastly....

One of these little lovelies are heading off to Tracey over at Trace-Elementz. Ladies can you pretty please send me your addresses? My email address is on the left hand side of my blog...Hook me up and just as soon as I find a couple of boxes, these are heading out to you to enjoy!

Happiest of Tuesdays!


  1. WOOHOOO!!!! Thank you so much! i just sent you my mailing info.

  2. Oh My gosh really! So excited, thank you so much......Mitra do you know I live in Australia? I can pay the postage! I will email you:)

  3. Lucky Lucky girls!! I remember the first thing you sent me... that little tin... with lots of nice instructions and embossed metal tape... you are awesome!


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