Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Snitch and Dragons at Pratt Inc. for Memorandum Monday

There was some talk of a Dungeon's and Dragon Christmas party a couple of weeks back by the kids. Was it going to be at Pratt Inc. or at Megan's house, nobody knew. Then, the kids did a little advanced math and figured out that if they played their cards right, they could have two parties. Since this is ALLLLLL they wanted for Christmas, I threw myself into planning a bash. The other important item needed besides food was a white elephant present.

Lexi, a bit more of an advanced planner than Luke had me scouring the ReStore for containers. She had a theme and a plan. The boy wanted to weld. One doesn't just weld, it's kinda like sewing. Unless you want to end up with quite a mess, you must hang with someone who can weld. Thankfully THE MAN who is quite talented at everything (with the exception of filling Christmas stockings) was able to spend some time with Luke in the garage. It's hard sharing your space. I get invaded myself quite often and get quite testy when I can't find my scissors or the tape runner.

This plane took them hours and hours and hours.

Megan, Luke's friend who is usually sporting a Harry Potter scarf made a snitch. I was trying to figure out to how to hide it and keep all the fun stuff, but the dude that got it was keeping a very close eye on his present.

Kayla made a cool collage. All I can say? These kids rock, they really really do!

I didn't even have to set up tables or start the fire! They got those ready right off! I guess they thought it was quite awesome and party planning for the next one has started!

Happiest of Tuesdays to you and thanks for letting me share my Memorandum! Miss Sian hosts us all and I think it's most excellent!


  1. It all looks quite amazing & WAAAAY inventive!!! What a wonderful gift for them... glad it all went off without a snitch... OOOOPS! I mean a HITCH!!!!!

  2. I always wanted to learn to weld....sounds like lots of fun! You're a good mom is all I can say...


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