Monday, December 19, 2016

A Memorable Memorandum

We dedicated the house I've been working on since late summer this past Friday night. It's been done for a little while and we've actually started the next one, but that is a story for another Monday. It's a worthy story, honest. But right now let's talk about a Christmas tree, this one decorated with toy tools. My tree even made the TV. I'd tell you more, but honestly this news story pretty much says it all...

If you really want to watch something painful, take a peek at the video I made ages and ages ago of this house. It's worth the very end part where I almost fall through the floor...and I did a crappy job as I didn't know you were supposed to turn your phone to video...

The only thing I can add is the little person moving into the Bridge Street house is not only infatuated with her new room, but with all the closets in the house. I ended up hanging out with her and my boss in a dark closet for a while. She really didn't want to let us cute. Good thing we were both Mommies and know a lot of different escape tricks.

Luke was hard at work this weekend on his white elephant gift. The Pratt Kids have decided in liu of Christmas presents that they would like to have a party with their friends. They have been plotting and scheming for days. Sounds like it will be pretty epic. I hear mac and cheese from a new awesome local place is on the menu as is fondu. In fact, there might be an actual D & D game played in real life in my living room, be still my heart. I told Lexi it should be a themed party....a Cheesy Christmas.

Wrapped up the jello molds this weekend. Here's another photo in case you missed yesterday's post. I kinda rushed them at the end, seeing how I do actually have to fold laundry still and make dinner...

Anyhow, happiest of Monday's to you! Waving hello to Sian who is our hostess!


  1. Sounds like a busy week for your household.. I hope the party goes well.. Have a great week ahead, and if I dont get back... have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I can never resist a house tour! It was so good to hear your voice too.

    The party sounds very exciting. All the very best with it!

  3. Sure is a lot going on at yours...... hope the party planners have all sorted & a great time comes their way! LOOOVE the video. You call it gyprock too!! Sometimes we call it plaster board as well:):)!!!! And really lovely to see your jello molds a 2nd time!!

  4. I have to watch that video when I can listen too... awesome tree and those jello molds!!!! LOVE!!


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