Friday, February 25, 2011


I was strolling down memory lane yesterday with this page. We got the top photo in a Christmas Card from Nate's Aunt Vernie and I had been saving it. Plus, I spotted the really cool flat backed button at Purple Pumpkin (see their link below, today is SALE day for them, which means you have to buy stuff quick 'cause it sells out quick) and designed the page around both items. Of course finding the photo of Nate with his old trans-am was also fun...

The orange doily behind the button is also theirs. One of my favorite colors! It's very well made, not like the Prima ones you get. You can feel the love!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dusty Attic Retailer-Vicky Alberto

Oh wow, I have big plans to order as soon as she received her shipment from Australia! Please bookmark her shop!

If you want to check out her blog:

She has some great tutorials on paper flowers that I like to read.

Lucky Altered Box

Shirley found this green box at our Walmart in the sale section. It screamed St. Patty's day to me. AND, since I have no decorations to speak of for that holiday, I vowed to make something around that theme, but yet something I could display and use a bit longer and still enjoy. Got my package of stuff last night from Purple Pumpkin and was inspired! Here is how the conversation went with hubby.

Me: Did you get the mail?
Nate: No.
Me: Well, I am expecting a package from Australia.
Me: Scrapbooking stuff
Nate: Well, I have to go to Lowes, so I'll grab it.

The turd drove all the way back out to the house to SHOW me that I had indeed got my package from Purple Pumpkin and then rolled up the window and left with it. THE NERVE.

Anyhow here is their link:

In typical Mitra fashion, I fixated on the one item I got from them that I didn't think I'd use right away. The long green strip...which worked lovely to also help hold the top on my box since it's a little loose. Also, the orange and blue spotted (flat backed) buttons ROCK!

The rest of the stuff is prima & home made.

Also, I got to try out my new glitter modpge podge from Canada. They were all out of the shimmer variety. But, this is also fun!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orange Roses

Had so much fun whipping this page into shape. I used my new flower punch to make these cool newspaper flowers....and my new key from Tattered Angels...the orange swirls believe it or not came from a mad dash through our Walmart...

Happy CS Day & Sketch Support: One-Page Week, Part 2

Sketch Support: One-Page Week, Part 2

I made this page to celebrate the fun time my kids had with Chelsey and Anika. I got my inspiration for the layout from Sketch Support. I subscribe to their blog and it seems like they have the right layout to go with my photos! This is the new Wings Paper from CTMH...which I love...most of the products on my page are actually from CTMH, which is not something I tried to achieve, but it worked out that way!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Just love doing pages for "fun" meaning ones that really are just a little idea..not an event or holiday...I got to get out my CTMH Recyling stamp too that I have been dying to use...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

13th on the 14th

Made these pages to celebrate our 13th Wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day. Borrowed Shirley's Stampin' Up Sizzix die to make my REALLY COOL velvet flowers....had fun with this paper which was some Kristy picked up for me on Market Street!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Castle Saranac Lake NY

I copied this layout from a really cool blog...

I had to change a couple of sizes and dropped a photo since I didn't have another one (did I mention again it was cold out hence my camera hand kept getting frozen and I wasn't as inspired to take a lot of photos).

Just In Time

This lovely page was not only created by my friend Shirley, BUT, she was the inspiration for the photos! Typically you can walk between our houses BUT the snow is so deep these days, driving is the way we get back and forth. She was leaving my driveway one afternoon and called me to tell me about the sunset. I ran out in my t-shirt and only could stand taking just a couple of photos as it was so very cold. I addded the photos, title, and the journaling...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Altered Boxes

Shirley and I were inspired to create some fun boxes...newsprint paper from Stampin' Up, shimmer Modge-Podge, and some really cool flowers that Shirley found...and a few hours later, these really cool boxes. The bases are from Walmart, with the exception of the blue box I made for Lexi...and that was something she got recently with a neato bracelet in it from Christina.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Story of Today

Just a goofey page to help a long winter day pass! I will have to say though I was inspired by a blog I was reading to create the page. Although, I did PLAN on making my page pretty similar, obviously I failed miserably.

And, I pulled out a really old stamp I haven't used in a while to help. Remember this stamp from that show in Buffalo Julie? It's a Technique Tuesday stamp and we did a really simple layout with it...

The funny photo of just my one eyeball? You can thank the 10 year old for that. I was trying to get my camera back from her and she was laughting like a hyena.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter in Massena

When I got home last night and downloaded my picures from the Sled Dog Race in Massena, I couldn't wait to scrap the one of Lexi and Luke with Jada by John's truck. It was so cool...and such a pretty dog. We had such a nice day with John, Chris, and Evalyn. Had a ton of fun with the decorations on this page. There is something about snowflakes, brads, and bling...

100 Bulbs Promise of Spring

So, been reading a lot of blogs lately talking about scrapping what we're dreaming of right now. Due to the heavy load of snow that was dumped secretly overnight, I am dreaming of spring. More specifically, the daffodil bulbs I planted last fall under the apple trees on my hands and knees. Thankfully the soil here is wonderful and the bulb drill made it quick work...but you never do know about bulbs. They can be tricky and who knows who has figured out under the snow that there are tasty bulbs to, I am dreaming a bit uneasily...and again, I am inspired by purple. Which is an odd color to be thinking of...but purple is a good dream color too. Add in some snowflakes and ribbon, it's all kinds of fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Dress Double Page Spread a new 12 by 12 scanner...and I LOVE IT!!

So, scanning a few pages in for another project, I realized I had never posted these. So, tried my new stitching feature in that is in the program written for the scanner and VOILA! A double page spread, nicely put together. I love purple and black...I love this dress, and I super love these pages!!

Skeeter for Shirley

I begged Shirley for a few photos of her dog Skeeter this am and she came over with some braving the snow...I love this new Stampin' Up paper and the pretty little beveled window panes they are now selling. Her little pup always liked to be under something or safe & secure, so reminded me of a little bird in a nest. I am anxious to see her journaling and what she adds into the clear little trinket envelope.