Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucky Altered Box

Shirley found this green box at our Walmart in the sale section. It screamed St. Patty's day to me. AND, since I have no decorations to speak of for that holiday, I vowed to make something around that theme, but yet something I could display and use a bit longer and still enjoy. Got my package of stuff last night from Purple Pumpkin and was inspired! Here is how the conversation went with hubby.

Me: Did you get the mail?
Nate: No.
Me: Well, I am expecting a package from Australia.
Me: Scrapbooking stuff
Nate: Well, I have to go to Lowes, so I'll grab it.

The turd drove all the way back out to the house to SHOW me that I had indeed got my package from Purple Pumpkin and then rolled up the window and left with it. THE NERVE.

Anyhow here is their link:

In typical Mitra fashion, I fixated on the one item I got from them that I didn't think I'd use right away. The long green strip...which worked lovely to also help hold the top on my box since it's a little loose. Also, the orange and blue spotted (flat backed) buttons ROCK!

The rest of the stuff is prima & home made.

Also, I got to try out my new glitter modpge podge from Canada. They were all out of the shimmer variety. But, this is also fun!

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