Thursday, March 30, 2017

First Day: Arezzo Layout for Lexi

I am making some progress getting an album together from Lexi's Italy trip. So far only scrapbook pages. I have a whole stack empty of project life ones, but I'm getting up the nerve! Well, also the time. I haven't had much time lately to scrap!

This page was actually pretty easy as I loved the big panoramic photo (with a guy with a little white dog) so I made that the feature of my page. The tower was cool too so snuck that photo in twice. Lexi likes taking pretty photos so I'm in good shape!

This page is flat with the exception of those flowering branches. It was nicer there than here when she was away so she traveled into spring, the lucky duck. I thought some flowers with gem centers made sense too!

Used a big arrow in the panoramic photo to point out the clock tower in case someone missed it. Love the gold on the end that matches the gold washi!

Well, wish me luck. I'm off tomorrow so hopefully I'm going to find time to do another layout! ROCK ON!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

National Youth Art Month Upcycled Vintage Tray by Lexi

We hosted a collaboration project at the ReStore about a month back and the projects were due this past Friday. It was to celebrate National Youth Art Month so Jon had a bunch of kids come pick up $25 worth of free materials to build their projects. Lexi picked this tray. Since I had my eye on it myself, I was a bit proud of her. We got some glass at the store too, but it was tempered, so I actually had the glass pieces special cut.

You will notice there are some nuts sticking out the side. THE MAN had the idea of using threaded rod to create a base for the glass piece. He showed her how to drill the holes through and cut the rod. She has two glass pieces sandwiched together with a thicker one on top so it gives the piece a translucent look. The thicker piece on top is so you can actually use this tray. If you are really looking, you might also notice that Lexi has photo shopped in San Fran. She's got dreams of living in California.

There is a contest, so I have my toes crossed that she wins. Her piece was on display yesterday at the local Mall as part of a Maker Faire, the concept of which originated from California, so it's not hard to see why she might want to go. I love what she's created here myself and plus she gets to keep it, so totally a win win in my book!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Lights, Drama, Kitchen for Memorandum Monday

Saturday was spent running many errands & laundy. Since we had peeps coming to visit on Sunday, I dropped lunch off to the volunteers working on our Habitat House before I continued on to grocherying. As I was plugging in the crock pot chili, I heard...speak of the devil and four people explained to me why the homeowner's choice of where to put the fridge was clearly flawed. Circuit blah blah blah. I was like alright, we'll put it back where it was (insert sigh). The beauty of the situation as they really do feel quite strongly about doing things right and have clearly taken ownership. Rock stars! (Plus this way I don't have to move the plumbing, so it works for me too)

Part of my day also involved a wee bit of spray painting. See, I totally hated the light I bought for the entry way even after THE MAN asked nicely if I could try living with it for a day or two. I had neglected to remember that the ceiling sloped and hadn't gotten a hanging one, so back it went to Amazon, leaving me with the same problem I had before. I hated all the ones we could get locally. So, went with the next best thing. Dishwashered the little glass pieces and spray painted the light fixture I had. BAM, problem solved with a $5 can of spray paint. While I was at it, I also spray painted a floor lamp in preparation for my lampshade I was talking about last week. For some reason I'm currently in love with rose gold.

Mom sent me photos of the glass she cut for the floor lamp shade and it's making me REALLY happy. She'll be bringing them at Easter time and we'll solder a cap on the lamp shade turning this into a floor lamp from a hanging lamp. The floor lamp base was also from The Restore. They must get one or two of them a week so it's an easy thing to find to upcycle. In fact, I have an earlier project where I did something similar. 

This glass is what's going in the shade. It's an opalescent so it's hard to photograph. Will be soooo pretty in my living room! I can't wait to rewire the floor lamp and assemble it all.

Today I'm off to put some safety fencing up so we can start digging a basement for a new house. It's a new week and fun times await like hanging the newly painted light!

Please join me in waving a hello to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Little Shabby Configuration Box Full of Treasures

I have been playing around with this box for a couple of weeks. It had been hanging out in my rainy day pile (to steal what Yvonne normally says) and I finally dusted it off it off and glued all the pieces together. A layer of gesso combined with some shimmer spray and some inks helped age it.

See, in my travels I pick up little things here and there. One day I found a vintage crystal door knob and that brass key, another day I found that little metal piece and those flowers I used for the top. Thought it was time for them to all hang out on an art piece I'd enjoy.

That oval metal faucet handle came from the house we're working on and that glass roundel I found out back at work. Glass makers have been messing around in this area for the last 150 or so years so you never know what you might find.

There is a vintage crystal that also came from the house we're working on, while that green metal pill container came from another that we were gutting. Then there is an acrylic faucet handle and those glass door knob feet. Fun things!

Really enjoying all these fun little things and guess what! Plenty of room to add more!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Washi Tape Skinny Tube Bunny Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh my. I do love having a nice little afternoon with my Silly, a fun cutting file, a glass of wine, and a show playing. Such a nice relaxing crafternoon. I can hear little people (that are taller than me) laughing as they play their game in the other room and I know their bellies are full of lasagna.

This upsized bunny box will be full of candy soon. I actually cut it out of a sheet of cardboard so it would be extra sturdy and then covered it with washi. Lots of room for pretty things like glitter, a tassle, a real metal knob, and some white roses.

My favorite part of course is the cut out bunny and the metal feet! A huge thanks to Regina from over at THE CUTTING CAFE for asking us to work with this Skinny Tube Bunny Box. I totally enjoyed it!

One more peek at the gold & white knob on the top. It's amazing what a little sanding will do!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Snow Sculptures, Garage Shenanigans & a new lamp for Memorandum Monday

Oh goodness. This past week started with a two day snow storm (and lots of snow) and basically with no school & working at home, it was a lazy couple of days. I suspect due to hearing peepers and seeing daffodils pushing up before the whiteness covered us, that Spring will spring just as soon as the snow melts. Been seeing bugs everywhere too.

The secret to plowing when the ground has already thawed is to be super careful so you don't have a mess a couple of weeks later. Easier said than done. THE MAN here has gone and made snow sculptures though and they are kinda cool.

Talking about THE MAN, he had friends come visit after they hung with me at our Silent Auction. He had the wood stove going and was playing with a bunch of new to him tractor parts. It was a full on man party in the garage complete with a good play list, cigars, beer, and garage dog Duncan.

Yesterday was full of kids playing D&D, lasagna (gotta feed em), and some crafting. I'm anxiously planning a new lamp. Mom is sending new glass and the metal piece that turns this hanging light shade into a lamp. It's super vintage and in fact had a couple of icky green glass pieces already. I'll pass on those and now it's been scrubbed, it's much prettier!

Happiest of Mondays to you! I'm off to start a new week with a few less things on my plate and feel all kinds of lighter!

Waving to Sian over at From High in the Sky Blog who hosts us for Memorandum Monday.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Two Sleeps Until Our Silent Auction

Oh look at that collection of goodies all ready for our dinner and to be bid on! Those two little tables in the front are mine. They are rehabs. In fact the bigger one was quite a mess. Remember it?

My friend Tom carved a little something on the top & bottom for me to spice it up. Do you like it?

I had to wax the top, since where he carved was down to bare wood. Had fun playing with a couple of wax colors on this, including some turquoise. I enhanced the colors so you can see it better, because this table is hard to take a photo of!

It's a lot more subtle on the table, which is how it should be. I'm anxious to see how both do! Wish me luck! And a huge thanks to Tom! He's got talent!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fly to Italy Layout

Had to cut some butterflies the other day for a project and the pink paper that was left made a fun piece to start with for this page. PLUS, flamingos...I had been dying to use that paper....

Italy to me is quite exotic and I figured pineapples and flamingos worked. Besides, it's Snow-ma-geddon currently here and I needed all the flowers, flamingos, and fabulous fruit I could find, regardless of what page I made!

Thankfully I have an overhang by the front door, but the picture taking was very quick. The snow is still coming down and I hear tomorrow we'll have a new variable, blowing snow due to high wind. Fun times!

Love that big moth that Lexi made in Art Class and that I used on this page. Thought it was cool because it's about her and after Italy, she'd have a few more items to add...perhaps she'd need a whole new moth!

Well, wish us luck with the snow...spring is coming soon, honest. I mean, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pup Cakes & Extra DBs

Today is Duncan's birthday! Well technically we celebrated it yesterday as we moved it up a day so it matched the rest of the Pratt Brats. Lexi and I found a recipe we want to try to make a nice little pup cake that involves peanut butter and shredded carrots. Luke tells me the human version is vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting....

In all honesty, I didn't actually MAKE a card for Duncan because he would eat it. In fact, he just shredded an extra paint stick I had left over. The card is for the Father in Law and I used the Tim Holtz stamp that looked most like Dunc. Plus, I went all old school and got out the chalks.

I am pretty confident Dad Pratt won't eat this card. I do think he'll enjoy some scratch offs though, hence the you lucky dog sentiment!

Please join me in wishing Duncan a very happy birthday full of naps and extra dog bones (DBs!).

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gray is the New Yellow & a hand delivered card for Memorandum Monday

Judging by the paint cans in my closet, the interior of my house was painted in five different shades of yellow. Or maybe six. Not sure, but I think yellow was the in color at that point. Today, judging by the two people I have talked to lately who are painting, gray is the new yellow. Everything has gone gray. I evidentally caught the gray bug as I was inspired to grab a can of Wheat Bread in satin (Who names these things? And since when has bread been gray?) this past Friday and spent hours painting our entry way. It was yellow (of course) so it's a nice change. Fell in love all over again with painter's calk.

This of course prompted a shopping spree, so I'll have plenty to talk about mail wise next week for Memorandum Monday.

I have a rug coming with a non skid back which is also gray, but kinda trendy so it makes me happy. I also have a new light coming. it will be happy mail day on Tuesday because well, hello two day shipping!

It's always nice when a card is hand delivered vs. actually posted. Add in a couple of cool presents and a birthday with cake? Awesomeness. The kids were off to visit their friend Joe yesterday for his birthday and a D&D party. At the last minute, someone asked nicely if I could make a card. I really cheated and used an already painted water colored background that Lexi brought home and some washi.

Anyhow, we have officially started the week! Join me in waving a gray paint brush to Sian over at From High in the Sky.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jean's Hexagon Gift Box

Pretty little flowers, hand dyed ribbon, and a snappy looking new paper! This box rocks! Miss Jean hooked me up with it for hosting and I'm loving both the box and the presents inside it!

Looking forward to trying that stamp and that shimmer ribbon. I really am loving Close to My Heart's little stamp sets these days. They are really fun for making pocket letters and I bet will work really well on project life cards.

One more pretty shot of that box with some snow in the background. Better enjoy it now, I hear Spring is in the works, just ask the robins and the daffodils.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sweet Treats Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

ohhhhhh Paris, so close and yet so far....The oldest flew back through the Paris airport when coming home from Italy so got to sample just a little of what that amazing city would have to offer with a visit. She brought us home these GIANT macaroons. The raspberry one was the best.

I was so excited that Regina wanted us to give her jar cutting file a try since I knew it would work a treat with this page! I used the Candy Jar one here and my insert was a pretty French graphic. Of course I upsized it to match the scale of those huge macaroons!

 I did also cut out the candy pieces and used them as a boarder. Oh my they are super pretty embossed & inked with some glitter.

Another page for her book is all done! Only two hundred and ninety nine left to go...which means I might have to try my hand at some Project Life her book will fit in her room.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 6, 2017

In Perspective for Memorandum Monday

Life's bumpy and at the moment I feel like we've been fighting a little more than normal to keep things running along smoothly at Pratt Inc. An oddly draining sink and some dryer drama tends to do that I think. All is well when you put things into perspective.

Lexi's home from Italy and getting caught up on school. She's changed. Much braver. Ready to tackle the driving lessons that she and her Dad are undertaking. They interviewed her for a summer job at the Corning Museum of Glass, so she'll have to be ready if she gets it. The other one has us driving all over creation for planes. I think it's one of those normal stages in life where the kids keep you so busy you wonder if you'll ever hang with your spouse again and not just during some kind of home repair project involving plungers.

On the subject of mail, I sent a couple of happy mail packages in Rice Krispy boxes earlier this week. I am well known for upcycling whatever is handy and like the lady at the counter said, at least you didn't just tape up a bag and add an address....also I got these very lovely post cards from my friend Tom. We trade vintage goodness. He's one of the other few grownups I know who are working at what they love vs. what they got stuck with to pay the bills so he's super fun to hang around. He has an entire box of these lovelies to sell in his booth. He said specifically I couldn't hoard them, which I really want to do...So I'm trying to think of something good where I can use them and still look at them....ohhhhh you think I should send them out to you? ;-)

Changing the subject, I hear that this week will be nice and warm. Spring like weather. I can't wait. With that brings the thaw. Since we don't have a snow cover, mainly that just means things will get muddy for a bit. Also, a new house we will be working later on will need to be gutted. This poor girl had a fire in the early part of December and before things start to mold in there from the water, we'll need to get her cleaned out. That photo on top was taken in the upstairs living room. Thankfully everyone had renter's insurance and got out OK.

Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy the weather! A quick wave to Sian From High in the Sky for hosting us this Monday to talk about mail or life or weather!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beautiful Venice Layout

Are you ready for the three hundedred layouts I must do of Lexi's trip to Italy? If you follow me on the FB, you know that the oldest has been gone for a thousand years having adventures and basically eating amazing food. THE MAN got her a good data plan so we're in constant contact which is nice, but then again some of those food photos...

I did also manage to score this awesome selfie. So pretty! Love the water and the architecture of Venice and my sweet girl's face. She looks wise, doesn't she? Check out the cool beautiful paper piecing title and those awesome green leaves! Jean hooked me up with those during our Crafternoon and I couldn't wait to use them.

 That little bird is a gift from Yvonne and I pulled a Lizzy Hill trick where I inked it up and then used nailpolish to move the color around, so it's tinted a very light blue. I had to also sharpie the eye ball. It was making me crazy not having color in it...check out the photo above and see if you like it better this way...

In a fit of saving, I had kept this blue bottom petal off some kind of flower that worked perfectly here for clustering. It kinda pulls out the blue of the water. I so do love using flowers on shabby pages like this!

Well, I'm back next week with a cool gift I got at my Crafternoon that I thought you'd like to see...