Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fly to Italy Layout

Had to cut some butterflies the other day for a project and the pink paper that was left made a fun piece to start with for this page. PLUS, flamingos...I had been dying to use that paper....

Italy to me is quite exotic and I figured pineapples and flamingos worked. Besides, it's Snow-ma-geddon currently here and I needed all the flowers, flamingos, and fabulous fruit I could find, regardless of what page I made!

Thankfully I have an overhang by the front door, but the picture taking was very quick. The snow is still coming down and I hear tomorrow we'll have a new variable, blowing snow due to high wind. Fun times!

Love that big moth that Lexi made in Art Class and that I used on this page. Thought it was cool because it's about her and after Italy, she'd have a few more items to add...perhaps she'd need a whole new moth!

Well, wish us luck with the snow...spring is coming soon, honest. I mean, isn't it?


  1. It's like the snow decided to come all in one single hit. Good luck with it all!!! I ADORE Lexi's moth..... looks brilliant & so fitting for HER page. Flamingos are always a good idea:):)

  2. This is beautiful! Love that large butterfly with your journaling on it... that is such a cool idea and of course love all of the splatters and flowers... beautiful!


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