Thursday, March 30, 2017

First Day: Arezzo Layout for Lexi

I am making some progress getting an album together from Lexi's Italy trip. So far only scrapbook pages. I have a whole stack empty of project life ones, but I'm getting up the nerve! Well, also the time. I haven't had much time lately to scrap!

This page was actually pretty easy as I loved the big panoramic photo (with a guy with a little white dog) so I made that the feature of my page. The tower was cool too so snuck that photo in twice. Lexi likes taking pretty photos so I'm in good shape!

This page is flat with the exception of those flowering branches. It was nicer there than here when she was away so she traveled into spring, the lucky duck. I thought some flowers with gem centers made sense too!

Used a big arrow in the panoramic photo to point out the clock tower in case someone missed it. Love the gold on the end that matches the gold washi!

Well, wish me luck. I'm off tomorrow so hopefully I'm going to find time to do another layout! ROCK ON!


  1. This looks wonderful, love the large photo across the top of your page, and great cluster too.. Looking forward to seeing the travel photos scrapped!

  2. I like the touches of gold, too - they sort of 'go with' Italy, in my the tower. LOVE that line of writing across the top on the tape? Paper? Whatever it is !! and that big panorama photo looks brill. GO ON YOU! Get into the PL's such fUN......just have to get the photo orientation right for the pockets. That's the tricky bit, I find. Need to get used to trimming without losing important bits of them!! LUCK!

  3. What a keepsake this is. I haven't made a page in soooo long. 10 more days and I get my life back. Beautiful photos...beautiful it! So much eyes are droopy. Giving in for tonight but I'll be back to catch up! I have to see how the story starts!


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