Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Parade of Lights Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

EDITED:  Good morning! I'm republishing a project from 2015! We're showing off a favorite project when we used a file from THE CUTTING CAFE that we loved! This year due to safety concerns the parade was cancelled and it turned into a stationary display. It also rained. Lots of people were really upset, so now my page is a happy memory in case we don't have a parade again!


One of my favorite print files that Regina creates over at THE CUTTING CAFE are her circle images. I have used quite a few and was excited when she recently released a few more. The Jingle All The Way one I used on my page can be found in Christmas Sucker Treat Cups and I repurposed it for my page.

I haven't purchased any Christmas paper in ages however I have some layouts to make of recent events, so it really helped make my page Christmassy! Not to mention that there is enough room to journal in the middle.

I love how the circle frames my photos! It was so simple to print out on a sheet of 12 by 12 paper!

Can you see that pretty little photo there at the corner showing the parade banner for Sister Cities? Lexi is in that club in school and really enjoyed the parade! It was her first parade and she passed out candy! Fun times!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Round Peacock Table Project

The other day Lexi and I sold a table on Market Place that had been out there for a while. It wasn't one I created specifically to sell, but was something extra. So, now that we had more room....we had to go find our next item to work on! I passed over a three drawer piece that has a beautiful mirror (for now) and picked up this cute round table. 

It's pretty simple and also not huge, so it should be a nice piece for her to paint during the long break from college over the holidays. I even let her pick the paint. We decided to go a little fancy with this paint job. It will be distressed so won't be too bright. Her first steps will be to wipe the table down with deglosser that will take the shiny off the varnish so it's easy to paint. Then she will apply the chalk paint which is pretty forgiving. Later, I'll distress it and add a coat of matte clear coat.

I also might add this transfer by Prima. It's pretty simple to add. Works the best with a surface that isn't shiny, so the chalk board paint will work really well. We'll have to see how it looks all painted!

Anyhow, wish us luck! Our latest piece hasn't sold yet, but I had someone ask me to hold it until after Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tiny Tools on Upcycled Peach Jars

The other day I was lurking around the Christmas stuff at our ReStore and happened across a bunch of baby tools. They were for a very small Christmas tree, but would work perfect for a cool gift.

Can you see the little drill, saw, and wrench sticking out? They look cute with the diamond plate paper leaves! I've got a couple of special guys in mind for these. I'll fill them with something yummy and perhaps give them away with a six pack of beer!

Here's another photo of them so you can also enjoy our icy, yet sunny day. The sun has been rare around these parts so I was excited to get a few photos of things before it either snowed or rained again!

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Chinese Take-Out Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

'Tis the season for happy little decorated boxes filled with cool things! Regina gifted us an assignment to use any of her Christmas files of which she has so many!!! I opted to use a file that can really be anything you dream it can be...the little Chinese take out box.

I really added a lot of pretty bling to match that paper! And check out that Yvonne Yam tassel! She also passed along that pretty pearl trim. The copper handle was all my own doing. I wanted something sturdy yet kinda rustic!

One of my favorite parts is that floppy snowflake! I found a bunch of them the other day and I wanted to use one right away! This little box is off to brighten someone's day. I haven't done a RAK in a VERY long time. I'll pass it along to the universe tomorrow when I'm off picking out a few treats for some dear family members!

Happy Friday!