Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upcycled Sewing Table for my Big Shot

Do you remember the table I have been talking about like FOREVER!???? Finally got it done. The stone top was NOT going well. In fact, let's just all agree to not bring it up. THE MAN feels really bad about it even. He is already a rock star for going along with all my mad creations especially when it's winter and any painting involves running the wood stove in the garage. 

However, the new top we made out of an old drawing board that was in my LAST studio makes me REALLY happy. I even used a black ink pad on the edges!

Hold on, you should see what it looked like before....I had to sand MY OWN PAINT off it. And it was that old dry nasty sawdust that made me sneeze for two days. 

That spot of Ranger patina came right off with the orbital sander!

Two little foamies make the table even. My studio is an enclosed porch so there is a smidge of as slope. Boy does it make me happy! I love having my Big Shot out all the time so I use it more. 

Happy Hump Day peeps!


  1. Yup! Tools out does mean you play with them. Course, now I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE MARBLE TOP....not that I'm shouting all the way OS about it......but you got me interested. Anyways, this looks you beaut....wood is easier to work with all the way....& I'm sure you'll find another use for said slab!!!

  2. AWESOME! I agree! It must be out! Mine is out now - I've made more counter space by putting other things away - and I am using it more often too! LOVE your table makeover ♥

  3. Ohhhhhhhh this looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I bet you are pleased, looks great. The marble top , hmmm, but I guess not suitable for what you needed to use the table for.

  5. I read this and thought I left a message, but I guess I was just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, I forgot. I LOVE THIS!!! The wood topper works perfectly and I love the full time access to your BigShot now!!


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