Sunday, March 6, 2011

the rollo family

Snow finally stopped, but it's still one of those sleepy days at our house where we snuggle down and watch movies, listen to tunes, and I get my hands inky. Well, and my scraproom blows up! Well, not really, but it gets really messy...I have to laugh...typically I don't care for witnesses, but Pratt just came up and plopped himself down with MY IPAD in the midst of the chaos. Which is fine, at least he didn't make fun of me or ask why there is Glimmermist on the wall...I may just post the pic I took of the mess...just 'cause I have to get everything out to make one page...

Anyhow, two whole batches of new paper picked up from Sara's house yesterday from a monthly kit she gets from We B Scrappin' in Syracuse....AND a fun challenge from that store...inspired me to make this page from photos taken over break week of a trip to the God Parent's house...I haven't met the new puppy that is featured, but I hear she is a sweetie!

AND again, my photos didn't work, so I turned the layout sideways...and the sewing machine was out still, so machine stitching as well...

The paper itself is the Twig collection from Little Yellow Bicycle. And if you are interested in visiting the We B Scrappin' Store the next time you hit Syracuse, here is their link:

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