Monday, March 3, 2014

I Love A North Country Sky for Lindy's Stamp Gang Challenge

I am still getting the hang of my Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst mists. In fact, I will SKIP showing you the flip side of this huge doily where things turned out a big muddier. Huge thanks to best neighbor Shirley who hooked me up with this doily that she used some new punches on!

My daughter showed up in the midst of misting and said, why did you flip it over...and I might of said something slightly snarky!! Anyhow, my second try made me much happier!

Even the flower got a little mist as it was originally white.

Bougainvillea Fushsia mixed with Tibetian Poppy Teal make that purple color that I love....although they are not exactly the colors in their challenge. Which I think means I need to buy more mists.....

I was trying to work off their March Madness Color Challenge and I think I got close...although things are far more teal than blue.

I also used a bit of the mists on the ribbon. I washed them out to get a more muted color. I was surprised how well it worked! 

Be gentle with me, folks over at Lindy's as I get up to speed with your lovely products! 


  1. I see a new addiction forming? I rather LIKE it if it is... Of course, now I want to see the flip side;)!!! Love the washed out ribbon idea....& that big doily is DELISH....& the acetate heart is BRILL!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the colors on the doily. This page is just incredible. Thanks for sharing Mitra!

  3. This is amazing!! LOVING that heart and the colors!!!!

  4. This looks stunning, the back ground looks fabulous.. and love the heart around your photo.. your misting is jolly good!!

  5. A big wow for inky doily n the acetate heart..loved the colors of bloom too :) !

  6. Seriously...the peek a boo of the photo behind the torn but GLORIOUSLY misted doily is incredible!! I love that. So many layers of incredible textures that blend beautifully together. The colors on here remind me of the perfect day at the lake when the sun is shimmering on the water and it's perfect and warm to float in. How odd that it's snow though...AWESOME job!! Incredible photo of the sky!!

  7. Glorious! Playing with mists is one of the simple joys of life!

  8. Wow, so pretty! Love the heart effect! very clever page


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