Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cat Food Can Alarm Clock

I have been on an alarm clock kick lately.

I mostly blame Lisa over at You Made Me Ink for talking me into downloading this file from the Silouette Store due to her super cool project.

She made hers out of paper which is oober cool.

As I was reading her post my head starting thinking of using a can, real knobs for feet and a clear acetate front.

I could have just ORDERED an alarm clock kit as I see that Tim Holtz is selling one. ;-) Or waited until I found one for real to alter at the second hand store...but this way is pretty fun too! Despite cutting my finger on the sharp can edge. I highly recommend recutting the can edge with a smooth edge can opener vs just pulling off the lid and using it.

Besides, I had a GOLD cat food can. Can you see the gold peaking out from under the modge podged music paper?

That prompted me to paint the paper alarm clock frame gold to match!

Here it is all shimmery in the sun! No matter how you photograph this, it's difficult to get a good photo of the vintage girls who are decorating the inside.

I can however more easily show you the top where you can see more handmade flowers from Lisa, some hand dyed ribbon and the edge of a vintage hankie peeping out!

Hope your HUMP day is going fantastic!


  1. You have a brilliant mind and a creative hand.. this looks amazing.. well done!! love the mix of flowers too..

  2. Wow wow wow!! This is amazing!!!!!!!! Pinning!!!

  3. How do you even DREAM these things up? This is beyond gorgeous & totally, totally creatively a once off amazagobs project. V impressive Ms M!!!

  4. *Sigh* How amazing is this! I wish I could watch you at work!

  5. WOw ..A cat food awesome alarm clock..Fantastic !!

  6. *Sigh*....this is so way way better than any paper clock. I can see the vintage ladies just fine. I truly love the details on this. The legs are GORGEOUS and the ribbon you make but I'm doing internal back flips over here on the vellum time piece with numbers...that's fabulous looking!!!!

  7. Gorgeous and love the recycled can as the base! Lisa is quite good at inspiring us isn't she?!

  8. This is amazing & adorable! I love the look of this!! You really are so clever!!!


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