Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mitra's Version of Lent

Now, not being of the particular flavor of religion that celebrates Lent, I was somewhat taken aback this morning when a fellow coworker told me he was giving soda up until Easter. I forgot yesterday was Fat Tuesday.

He then went on to admit that he had just switched to drinking tea to get his caffeine fix.

I was like dude, that is like ME saying I'll stop drinking wine and switching to Jack.

I told him (because I am nice like this) that it sounded like a cop out. And if he wanted to give up soda, to just give it up already and do something hard for Lent.

He assured me that he drank a LOT of soda and doing anything TOO hard probably would just end up failing miserably.

I get it. If someone asked me to stop being Snarky, I would last for the first five seconds of the day. Sarcasm would be a hard habit for me to break.

He did point out that Lent was meant to remind you of Jesus & his fasting and all that.

Yeah yeah yeah I said because again I am polite like that, you should do something hard. You can give soda up for your health anytime.

Well, he said. What are YOU going to do?

Since I was already raining on his Lent Parade I gave him a few ideas of what I WOULD do.

I said, instead of giving something up, what about giving something back? Pay for the guy's coffee behind you next time you are out? Tell the grumpy cashier that her sweater is a really pretty color. It will make you feel good and they will feel good too. Do a random act of kindness everyday. That is what I'd do. EXCEPT for me, that would be hard since sometimes I don't leave the house for a couple of days at a time. The mail lady would think it was really strange to keep getting gifts....

Patrick decided to send out 40 cards. He said he really liked getting mail and it would make him happy to send other people mail. Since he typically sends out postcards when I don't, I believe that about him.

As for my version of Lent, I'm working on it. Since it starts today I'm a bit behind already, but I'm coming up with a plan that does not involve 40 RAKs to the mail lady.


  1. i really really really REALLY love your post today.....40 days of making someone else day..even if it is just a friendly smile, let someone else have the parking space...if your at home, email someone just to say i love you, thinking about you..........those 40 days would eventually turn into a daily routine....that would truly be pleasing in God's eyes..........hugs

  2. You could always do a GRATITUDE journal like at Momastery!! I am. x

  3. Much deep. So inspire. Wow!
    I wanted to write something profound but the Queen of Sweet and Talented beat me to it, so I'll just respond in 'Doge Meme' rhetoric and include "what she said."
    Can't wait to hear what you decide....I think it's honestly character building if it's your tradition or not. Got me thinkin' now...

  4. Gave up chocolate last month. It's always my default Lent position....well, it WOULD be if I did it & I should, but I dunno....the time just slips away. Anyways, since I DIDN'T give up choccie specifically FOR Lent, it appears that I am doing OK with it. I'm sure there's some deep, slightly disturbing psychological reasoning in there somewhere. I really like the idea of making a self sacrifice for Lent, myself. I mean, we live in SUCH a land of plenty, I'm sure it does us good both mentally & physically......just saying!!!
    PS: When I say 'given up'...that may give the illusion I don't eat choccie at all.....well, if it comes in the form of a drink it's exempt. And one Ferrero Rocher on a Saturday night is allowed:):)!!!

  5. I do not follow the tradition of lent, so I guess whatever you do you do it with all your heart and have the best intentions.. And the best sacrifices are those done in silence..

  6. For someone who doesn't practice Lent, you have a better grasp on it than most people who do!
    I grew up in a devout Catholic household (still Catholic, just not my mother's kind of Catholic). Lent never made sense to me since all everyone did was whine about what they were giving up. Fortunately when I was a teen, we had a priest that explained the real purpose to me. If we give something up it is to be done with a cheerful heart that we can make a sacrifice and think of others less fortunate. He suggested giving up gossiping, disrespecting others, and other real bad habits. However, he encouraged me to ADD something for Lent-volunteering, helping a charity, doing good deeds, something that will make the world better. It completely changed the way I view this season and now Lent has become my time to slow down and make a conscious effort to help others.
    So you are exactly right in your thoughts and I think it's awesome that you shared them with your co-worker.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post.

  8. Love the clothespins. What a smashing idea. Liked the post about your Lent, pass it forward, idea, too.


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