Friday, March 14, 2014

The Second 5 Gifts of Lent: HAPPY MAIL

Last Saturday I dropped my son's glasses off at the eye doctor. They were replacing his lenses because he is growing like a weed and was complaining of blurry vision.

The Nice Lady at the Eye Doc said:  Let me just check and make sure they are in. It's Pratt, isn't it?

I flinched a little and said OH you must have a really good memory!

The Nice Lady at the Eye Doc said:  I sure do! I recall these very frames and spending hours chipping off super glue.

I looked for something to crawl under.

The boy had decided at one point to repair his own glasses. They typically do not warranty frames that have been etched with superglue but in this case, it's Potsdam and peeps are pretty cool here.

On my return trip to pick them up, I brought her a candy bar. The good yummy kind that is super rich and I'd want to eat.

It's not quite a random act of kindness, but I am giving myself credit because:

A) I remembered to buy it
B) I didn't eat it
C) I remembered to give it to her!

Anyhow, my other RAKs this week include mailing four packages to some scrapbooking people I don't know. I mean, I'm on a team with them but I don't you know like chit chat with them. It was hard picking out stuff to send!

And talk about having a hard time? Dropping that soap off at the post office for them to hand out to grumpy people? Boy did I feel strange! But I did it!

I'm two weeks down on Mission Lent!


  1. Love your story Mitra and I'm sure the people will love receiving their own happy mail.

  2. You're making me giggle...oh, boy....I wonder if 'our' Lucas is going to be like yours...wouldn't surprise me...he loves screwing & unscrewing lids & working out how they go on etc......and GOOD ON YOU...cheering from the go, girl......

  3. *hugs* Mitra!! It took me a little bit to figure it out but I LOVE my happy mail!! It was so much fun getting the package and seeing all of the cute bits inside! I can't wait to use the items!

    <3 xoxo


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