Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Koi 4 Lunch Layout

Just wrapping up our Florida trip! Just a page or two left and I'll have covered our fun times!

And NO, we did not have Koi for lunch ourselves. We had ice cream after we visited the Sunken Garden in St. Pete's.

The blue heron who was stalking the fish no doubt had one for lunch after we left. The birds in Florida were FISH CRAZY nutballs! This heron was used to people and wanted a nice fresh fish!

I misted up a doily that Shirley (the Best Neighbor in the Universe) punched up for me. It has presents on it and I figured since this was our Christmas trip, it would work! ;-)

I also tucked in the receipt. I think that works well for explaining the location on a page without me having to add all that in the journaling.

And one last side view photo! I do love those fish that I pop dotted to give dimension!

Hope your HUMP DAY is going most excellent!


  1. Yes! I'm with you....those little fishes are a fab finishing touch......looks like a really great holiday, too.....spying more of your've had a BALL with that!!!!!

  2. Wowwwwwwww! This is awesome! LOVING the colors!!!!

  3. Love the fishies and what a great photo.. looks like a lush place.. hope the birds got their lunch too!!

  4. I can't believe you had to endure such a place for so're a real trooper. ;) The photos really are beautiful and the colors just pop all over the place. I love the idea of saving your receipts as journaling props. That's a great idea! The doily is really cool also. Shirley did a fabulous job on that beaut! Terrific LO Mitra :D

  5. Your photos are fantastic and the page looks great! I love the idea of tucking the receipts in to add information! I often save them, but am never quite sure what to do with them...


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