Friday, March 28, 2014

The Elevated Status of the Fiend

I feel pretty confident that I can say most other crafting people I know do not have a pet gargoyle. Or one that is a cross between a crow, gargoyle, and a troll. For that I am grateful. Only one of us on this planet should be such blessed.

We lovingly call him THE FIEND. For large chunks of the day and also evening he lives behind my large scrapbooking cabinet. Occasionally you hear rustling noises which remind one of rats in the walls. It's disturbing. He also finds things he likes and hauls them back there. Yes, they might be also things YOU like, but since he hasn't figured out how to lift an iphone, we're somewhat safe.

My Mother knowing how much my daughter loves this cat decided to paint her a water color.

This is one of his favorite poses & is what she used for her painting. It's called: I drop on your head and claw your eye balls out, the slealth nija cat I am!

For some reason, THE MAN is uncomfortable with this painting practically over his head when he sits in his easy chair.....

I wanted Lexi to be able to see it from her usual spot on the couch, honest!

My Mom has been very busy this winter. Check out this dragon fly! So pretty!

And here is a panda she was asked to make. SUPER pretty!

Happy Friday! Hope you have some crafting in your weekend and some bright sunshine! 


  1. Love the photo of your pussy cat, I am sure he is a sweetie! And those windows are really lovely! And I hope some crafty time is always welcome on a weekend! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I am. Gobsmacked by ur mothers talent.....& he looks very errr....well, Catt-ish!!! Can't say I blame ur other half.....LOOOVE that painting...but not above or behind my head either. Give me dogs any day. Much easier to manipulate & they adore you. Not the other way round like the cat who ASUMES he is adored. AMD if not, doesn't give a toss!!!! Have a lovely weekend....:):)

  3. Love your mom's work. She has been busy to the max. I especially like that little dragonfly. Happy crafty weekend.

  4. OMG..what a face!! ADORABLE. Gargoyle or not..this is fantastic :) Your mom's work continues to amaze me too. I have said it before but I'll say it again...the whole apple falling not far from the true.
    LOVE when we get virtual home tours of your crafty place :)

  5. Your mother is quite talented! I always thought it would be fun to take a stained glass class... Your gargoyle is absolutely beautiful, as well as terrifying!


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