Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello Handsome Card

Hopefully by the time this posts, I'll be back from my flying trip to Pennsylvania safe and sound.

I always hate traveling through the snow belt during the winter.

Thought I'd made THE MAN a quick card to say hey while I was gone from a few scraps left over from my last scrapbook page.

It's hard being a single parent! But sometimes jobs require a bit of travel.

I always make the best of it when THE MAN is gone. I sleep in the middle of the bed, spend more time scrapbooking, eat easy food, and go to bed early. Makes up for having to feed the wood stove late at night, early in the morning, and letting the dogs out.

I imagine he missed having a to-go cup of cofee, his lunch made, and dinner ready!

Of course the biggest part of what we'll both miss is each other!


  1. That is a lovely card.. and my hubbs has been a truckie for over 25 years and during that time he has been away for days at a time.. so I know what it is like being a single mum for a while.. but I dont mind having the bed to myself!! but yes it is better when we are all together...

  2. An awesome card. It is so manly, while still being pretty at the same time. Hope your trip was also on the "up swing".


  4. Lovely card, really love the satin seam ribbon.

  5. you're getting a wee bit soppy there, Miss M!!! But so be it - truthful as well:):) And that's a really lovely thought, the card:):) Hope he's appreciating you when you get back you will him, no doubt:):)


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