Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Mail for the LESSology Challenge

I have a confession to make. I love Valentine's Day. It's my favorite holiday of all time. In fact, nearly 16 years ago I got married on Valentine's Day.

You have to keep in mind, we are in the midst of deep winter here in New York. The holidays are long since over and the snow is getting old. So, any small occasion to celebrate and one that involves chocolate and hearts? I'm on it like white on snow.

My second confession is that I cannot say no to Valentine's Day paper. Last year I bought two kits and although I made good use of most of it, I still had a huge pile of scraps I was hoarding. The best use for that kind of thing? Cards!

Here is what I started with! I actually picked out similar scraps and piled them up for each card.

I printed out some awesome images from Nicecrane Designs from his Vintage Flower Post Card series which I fussy cut.

I also grabbed some playing cards I had received at the casino for my birthday. You notice they have a hole in you can't reuse them AT the casino. They gave me two sets, so I figured I could use one up scrapping!

Also in the pile are small vellum envelopes and some pink crinkled ribbon I made up for the project.

The little envelopes fit in nicely with the challenge over at LESSology this month! Clear ones work nicely as well because you can add little items inside that you can still see! Also helps with stash busting. I have had those clear envelopes for at least five years. ;-)

You might also notice some red foil snowflakes and gold cupids. Those are German stickers sent to me from my Aunt Coco. They are super thick and come in a huge sheet. They actually aren't sticky at all. I have them tied gently to the ribbon in hopes that the people I'm sending these cards to will reuse the sticker and perhaps even the ribbon!

Hope you get a chance to hang with us over at LESSology and play along! Hugs!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh these are just gorgeous!! Loving the addition of the playing cards!!!!!!!

  2. I guess all I can say is that you just HAAAAVE to be my valentine! Scrumptious looking, maybe better than chocolate...It's a toss up.

  3. OO these are gorgeous cards.. love the ribbon bows too...

  4. LOOOVE how you've used up your kits....& I's not to like, right???!!!!!!

  5. WOW these look gorgeous & amazing!! Love how you have done these & the photographs on the wood in the snow - so cool!!! BTW I have just put up a page using one of the lovely handmade embellishments you sent me a while back!!

  6. Saw these on FB what an awesome grouping, ♥ them!

  7. You make INCREDIBLE cards!!! What a treat to see this side of your crafty self...LOVE them ALL so much!!

  8. OMG Mitra, I haven´t watch this incredible cards,,,,,,,,,,lvoe them, loe them,,,,,,what a great use of my flowers and I am falling in love with your red snowfale and cupid,,,,,,,,,,,,.Love your layering and all over your creativity...


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