Thursday, February 13, 2014

Iron Man and his Fiends

Marriage is a long haul on the best of days.

THE MAN and I celebrate 16 years tomorrow. Can you imagine?

We were just wee babies when we got married. Now we have them. They are a little twisted and crazy...fiend like if you will, but we will blame genetics for that. 

Made this card for THE MAN. Had to throw that funny Lover banner on the front. It sounded naughty! 

I cut it out of a little project life image I had that said GAME LOVER least you think I have a stash of X rated scrapbook supplies. 

The flower is is from Regina's Cutting Cafe and is called Layered Flower. She has a trillion different examples. Love that it's stitched!

I threw that little map sticker of Venezuela on a Finnabair Vintage trinket to pick on THE MAN a wee bit. He claims we are touring the US in a camper when we are old. I say we tour South America too. ;-) 

And while we are picking on THE MAN, let me tell you what he came home to the other night. 

GLITTER all over his 4-Wheeler Seat! I know, the nerve!

He built himself a little rack for the back and my oldest kept saying it needed stenciled letters. Since I had already thought of that myself I chuckled a bit.

She enticed me to cut out nice letters and glitter them up for her prank! Extra glitter got placed on the seat of the 4-Wheeler. The letters were stuck on gently with double sided mounting squares. 

We call him IT MAN because he works in Information Technology. And IT MAN reminds us of the Black Sabbath Iron Man song that we hum every now and again under our breath because it annoys him. 

And there you have it, a little humor goes a long way as does glitter! 

Happy Early Anniversary to THE MAN! 


  1. Loved reading your post Mitra ! Beautiful card an I loved the map sticker :D !

  2. Heehee!!! So I hope when payback time comes you lot take it on the chin!!!! Gorgeous card for your gorgeous man-lover!!!!;););))

  3. my word that is a gorgeous flower............hugs

  4. I totally adore that Venezuela piece, I hope you get to do all those travels, hope your Anniversary is a blast too, I think he is going to love this ♥

  5. This is so gorgeous & vibrant! LOve it!! I love how your mind trails from glitter to heavy metal! Truly creative!!

  6. Forgot to say that Venezuela is in the news for all the wrong reasons ATM - please don't go! We want you alive!!


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