Monday, February 24, 2014

Stove Pipe Trim Rim Mirror with Lisa's THE CUTTING CAFE Roses

Last weekend I started messing around with this stove pipe trim rim. First I painted it a cream color and added a few sprays of different colors of mist. After it was dry, I sanded it quite a lot as I wanted some of the black to peek through.

Here is what I started with:

It was around $8 at Lowes. Paired up with a piece of round mirror for around the same price, it was fairly inexpensive. I was pretty pleased with how nicely it turned out once it was sanded but thought it would be even prettier with embossing power! Wanted it to look similar to the inside of a shell!

Kept dumping embossing power & heating it until I got a nice shimmer! 

I then procceded to stare at it for a week on my scrapbook table!

Thankfully a box of AMAZING FLOWERS showed up on my door step that inspired me to get it finished!

I had already planned on using some coral and shells we brought back from Florida, but wasn't sure what else I wanted to use until I got Lisa's package!

A HUGE MASSIVE THANKS goes to Lisa over at You Made Me Ink for sending me these lovely roses. In fact I'm overwhelmed with the whole package! Take a peek at the PILES of flowers she made over on her blog. 

I am beyond excited on how nicely this mirror turned out! 

Lisa used a new file that Regina at THE CUTTING CAFE has recently released that looks like so much fun!

It's called Paper Flowers and there is a easy video with step by step instruction by Tmika that walks you through making them. 

One more photo so you can enjoy them almost as much as I am!
Happy Monday!


  1. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing!!! Pinning!!!

  2. Its Fantastic..I thought It must be some old mirror and you altered it but no..You have created it from junk ..I loved the rim and shimmer it has and the coral n shell look very beautiful along with pretty flowers !

  3. OMG...this is crazy GOOD! I was just at Lowe's yesterday and never in my wildest thoughts would I have said, "Hey, I'm gonna buy this $8 thingy that goes around a stove pipe and then marry it with a mirror and viola"...NEVER, never would of said that, but YOU....AWESOME!!! I can't stop staring at the beautiful patina you've created for it and the shells you brought home are perfect. Very happy the glittery bits worked with this :)
    Your project is outstanding my friend!

  4. Decidedly stunning. Are you taking orders? ;>)

  5. Love it. You need to put it on Pinterest. Very creative in every way.

  6. you are one it and HEY LISA I WANT SOME FLOWERS....hahahaha hugs

  7. This mirror looks wonderful.. love the flowers and shells and love the texture on the rim.. and your new blog look is trendy and fabulous!!

  8. Incredible transformation!!!! Looks pure magical genius...those shimmery embossing powders...DELISH....& do I spy a new blog header??? LOOOVE!!!!!

  9. LOVE it!! What a great project! :-)

  10. What a lovely project! The gift of flowers was put to use in a beautiful way.

  11. This, as usual, is FANTASTIC! But, hey, how did you manage to get by without having to make the flowers? I struggled so with them this week! Tmika makes them look so easy in her video. But I failed miserably at flower making 101! I need an outside source like you had!


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