Friday, February 7, 2014

Air Plants & Bead Banners

While we were walking around Florida, I noticed something really cool.

Air plants! I noticed them laying on the ground first and decided a storm had knocked them out of the trees. They were ALL OVER!

Since we have no such thing here in Upstate New York, I collected a few and brought them home carefully with the sea shells we found.

I found these lovely glass ornaments for displaying them on Amazon and actually ordered them the night before we left so I wouldn't have to wait long! 

Since air plants only require a good dunking once a week in a glass of water and no dirt, it was pretty easy to incorporate them into a little seascape with some sand, beautiful shells we found and some coral. I also found the plants for sale on Amazon too, so you don't even have to take a trip to Florida!

I loved the rough  twine they sent to hang these and decided I was going to jazz it up a bit with some beads.

Lucky for me, we have this great paper bead cutting file to use from THE CUTTING CAFE. 

I chose not to wrap mine all the way and went reverse of how you would normally roll these beads making them banner beads!

I rolled them around a skewer and realized that I could also make a plant stick! Love these beads!

The key to making the bead stay together is good glue. All of these banners were brushed with shimmer modge podge. 

And one last photo of my hanging terrariums. Do you see that HUGE shell in the bigger one? A bit proud of that. Spotted that on the beach and yelled MINE real loud and pushed my kids out of the way! Mostly kidding on that!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My!! Lovely terrariums! The glass, shells, green plant all add up so beautifully, and the banner beads look just great! Are these plants like orchids which do not require much water or soil?

  2. Love em!!! What a great reminder of sea, surf & sand to bring back with you....& hats off for thinking outside the box with these:):)))

  3. Oh my goodness! These are absolutely beautiful! And so wonderful that your brought them back from Florida! Thanks for sharing them with us and for telling us how you made them, too! ♥

  4. Wow these look wonderful! I love the air plants in the shells.. fabulous idea and they look great!

  5. Brilliant idea and what I lovely reminder of your holiday. You really are the Master of the quirky takes on a project. Love it.

  6. So pretty! I love them!

    P/s: Air plants are super pricey in Singapore...wish we had them on

  7. Well----- my curiosity finally got the best of me!!! I was trying NOT to look at these, I wanted to be surprised. They are awesome, Mitra. Can't wait to actually see them. I am so lucky to be the owner of one of them, thanks.

  8. Very Cool! had an air plant when I was a kid (wow, do not want to think about how long ago that was...) and thought they were magical. Really like the beads addition. xx

  9. Hahahahahaha...pushed the kids...Love that. What a giggle and your hanging air plants are GORGEOUS and groovy!!!


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