Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hoodie Time Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

I have some fantastic news peeps!

Another Freaking Scrappy is back up and running! Whoohhoooo happy dance! Glad to be back there on the design team! If you happen to wander over, I have a new bio there!

Which of course is why there is a page with ME in it! ;-) We'd like you to focus on YOU! I mean, who else will tell that story!

Of course, that isn't a stead-fast rule, but just a fun guideline or even an excuse to pull photos out of you!

Easy peasy sketch to use for this challenge. I chose to interpret the paint lines as embellishments which made a good reason to make some accordion blooms!

Here is a close up of all the goodies I used. THE MAN took the photo of us at the Florida Aquarium in front of the Sting Ray tank. I thought it was a cool photo as we were all wearing our hoodies! It was a bit nippy in Florida, but certainly not as cold and snowy as HOME!

In fact, you are catching a rare glimpse of my new purse! That is the new one I bought after I accidentally dropped my other purse in a toilet in Kinny's. You also might notice that my oldest just may be taller then me. Yeah, it's true. ;-(

One more photo of my layout, this time a side view.

You can see all the tags I tucked in. I was determined to use lots of things we got on our trip on my page! Sure beats having to throw it away, plus the date is usually on the receipt!

Hope you get a chance to wander over to play along with us!


  1. I loved this layout of yours since I first laid eyes on it! The colours are so vibrant, and the design so inviting! The photo of you and the kids is AWESOME! Wonderful interpretation of the sketch, chickie!!

  2. Love the colors (Potsdam). The blue backing is wonderful. Also, great shot of you guys, do like this new purse. Glad that you are back to this design team. Maybe I'll play along at some point.

  3. Sooo happy Anne's back....and the blue looks like the sea, & so does that little leafy bit tucked in AND you do NOT look like the mother. You look like a sister. Which is to say Lexie looks OLDER & you look you both ought to be happy 'bout that!!!!!! Dear Luke just looks like Luke!!!

  4. That is a great photo of you 3, and yes the kids do grow taller as we grow smaller... Love that back ground paper and fabulous sketch too.. lots of room for personal interpretation.. and good to see AFSC is back too!

  5. I loved the blues in bg and your new purse s trendy ,colorful :D !

  6. Oh I'm happy for you! Congratulations!! Love this layout. You are looking great & your kids are looking big!! Adore that square doily too!!!

  7. So happy to be on the team, finally getting around to everyone's blogs. Love the touch of yellow on the blue and I like the idea of adding the bits and pieces of the day/event as well.


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