Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Joe and the End to the Mother Tree

The other day we were driving home from Lowes. I was thinking about at least four things. It was a multi-tasking moment for my brain. I was bitterly disappointed that Lowes did not have the huge totes I was looking for, sad because my Dad had texted me that my Grandmother's boyfriend from 30ty years ago had passed away, and thinking about the cheese cake I wanted to make when we got back home. There was also a craft project in there lurking.

I am pretty sure that most women multi-task like that! We are either blessed or cursed. Not entirely sure on all that. I can't imagine thinking or doing one thing at a time like some guys I know, but it does seem like it would be a wee bit more orderly.

I could have been talking to THE MAN who was calmly driving, but was hanging out in the whirlwind of my brain until we crested our hill and saw the atocity.

Joe our neighbor had cut down Mother Tree. Well, it may NOT have been Joe. But days later I saw him over there with Fox and Trot, the heifers he's training so he got blamed. And yes, pretty sure he's growing a squirrel on his face. Sorry for the snotty comment if you were not holding the chain saw Joe! (I did ask THE MAN if it was appropriate I call Joe names but he said due to my grief stricken state I might be forgiven. We all know anyhow that I think our neighbors are top notch)

So anyhow, back to cresting the hill....

I started yelling TODAY IS A BAD BAD DAY!

I have been sad about this tree since this past summer as it was clear it was slowly dying. Still I wasn't ready for it to be cut down.

Thankfully there was cheesecake to eat later as a small memorial to Mother Tree.  Here she is all sideways and ready for cutting up & a wood stove. ;-(

And this is why scrappers scrap of course. I am so happy I have a page to remind myself of happier days for Mother Tree!

Hope your Hump Day is moving along! Jeeze I almost wrote Stump Day....


  1. R.I.P Mother will be missed. Not sure there's enough cheesecake to fill the void, but it's sure worth a try!
    Sad post but Fox and Trot look adorable. :)

  2. ...hardly a HAPPY stump day:( But, all good things must come to an end. I hope the bad things don't come in groups of TREE.....sozzy.....but bad punning aside, yes! That is exactly why we scrap. And take photos. I am SOOO glad you got it before it came down:):):)


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