Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pig Nut Layout for Orange Paperie & Co. Challenge

My youngest is a good eater. When he was little he earned the nickname of Trashcan. After eating his own dinner and while we were clearing the table, he'd climb up on a chair and clean up what was left on someone's plate! If we let him, he'd go all the way around the table via the chairs!

He is also sticks and bones, so he must have a very high metabolism!

While we were in Florida, we started calling him Pig Nut after a tree we read about in the Hillsborough State Park. Later in the trip when he ate half a rack of ribs himself at a BBQ place, the nickname became a bit more real!

Thought I'd make a funny page of him chowing down!

I used my Valentine's Day paper and lots of hearts for the challenge over at Orange Paperie & Co! They asked for hearts and journaling to complete their challenge.

I have to play there anyhow, 'cause the famous Rock Star Blogger & Scrapper Lizzy Crust is over there making a guest appearance!

And here is a side view of the amazing flowers sent to me from Lisa from You Made Me Ink. Another ROCK STAR in my book!

Lisa used a new file that Regina at THE CUTTING CAFE has recently released that looks like so much fun!

It's called Paper Flowers and there is a easy video with step by step instruction by Tmika that walks you through making them.

Hope your Tuesday is fabulous!


  1. awe yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa another awesome layout............

  2. Pooooor Luke...does he know this is up for all the world to see? Anyways, it's GOOD to see he enjoys his food.....great page.....& OF COURSE you had to join in with the Rock Star CRUST girl...all this FOOD talk, LOL!!!!! PS: I spy some lovely rainbow ribbons !!!

  3. Love the flowers. Luke looks like he's in another world, yummy food. The color combo is fantastic.

  4. Such a bright , fun layout , a rainbow of colour. The colours you have put together look wonderful together and love the design for the three photo's. A fun story on how he got the name Pig Nut. I have two sons, one eats like he has hollow legs and is like a string bean, the other only has to look at food and puts on weight ! hardly seems fair . Thank you for joining in at Orange Paperie, hope you join in again

  5. After laughing so hard at what you called your son I think I am composed enough to type a comment! Love your layout, fabulous design and those flowers look great, and the photos speak for themselves! Did you ever watch the flint stones? The rib rack reminds me of Fred ordering this huge set of ribs through a drive through and it tips his car on the side! Hope the ribs weren't that big!!

  6. Such a colourful layout with lots of texture & layering. Love it! Thanks for joining us at Orange Paperie & Co.

  7. Fantastic layout!! Love all the "brights" on this lovely "fun" page. Thanks for playing along x

  8. Gorgeous work....beautiful colours and lovely elements, thanks for joining us at OP&C


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