Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookie Super Hero

I am pretty sure my boss would be money ahead today if I did not work. Actually I am very glad my work commute involves just walking upstairs since I think I'd probably hit an invisible tree if I had to drive.

I sliced my toe open in the shower. With the shower. Like the shower sliced my toe. No really. Hear me out here.

So, we have a weenie shower in our Master Bath. When I use the word "Master Bath" it conjures up images of beautiful tile, a huge glass shower, and two sinks. Not so. Think cramped & linoleum and it will make more sense.

Houses with two bathrooms here in the North Country were in short supply when we were looking and this one actually HAD two. The shower in my camper is larger than the one in our bathroom so it is a bit of an understatement.

So, I was all contorted up and trying to shave my leg. I am wondering now why I was even TRYING to shave when it's winter. All the men here grow these nasty huge furry squirrels on their face starting in November (with the exception of THE MAN due to various threats that may or may not involve the lack of anything starting with the word S.) so when in Rome so to speak.

My foot slipped and Holy Hannah, the handle of the shower attempted to slice off my toe.

No, I am not including a photo.

I texted one to THE MAN and asked if he thought I needed stitches. He was raised by a Mom who was a nurse therefore is fully qualified to comment on such things. Besides, looking at my toe already made my stomach do flip flops, why not share with the poor person who agreed to the whole in sickness and in health thing in front of a few hundred family & friends.

While I was hopping around my house naked looking for my phone, I hopped past the huge window that looks over the driveway. Some poor dude was driving past really slow due to the snow in the road. Hope I didn't shock him too badly. I was past caring at that point.

I let my coworker know I was a bit sideways this morning. He texted back, um, are you going to go see if you need stitches? I said, no. I am opting to go with cookies. Cookies make everything better.

Ah, yes I see he said.

My husband said I was special. Why yes, I am special. Who else can practically regrow a toe with peanut butter cookies at 7:30 in the am? Heck, that practically makes me a super hero.

Hope your Hump Day started better than mine!


  1. OUCH!...hope it's mending...and I'm with you on the cookies,!
    Alison xx

  2. The advantage of Menopause & the Beginning of Old growth has slowed to like, practically zero. There's never ever a chance again that this will happen to me. One day, you too, will be there!!! Now hasn't that given you something to look forward to???? And if peanut butter cookie does all that...imagine what a double choc chip one would do!!!!! Hope it heals QUICK:):)

  3. Hope your toe is getting better, a lovely bickie will make it all better!!!

  4. I just have to smile, at your vivid descriptive writing of the above events, and I am trying to imagine why you would with hold STEW from your hubby in the cold weather should he grow a hairy face!!! But I do hope your toe heals.. that did sound a bit painful..

  5. Cripes...thank you for not including a photo. As sorry as I am for your unfortunate toe, my stomach is flipping as I type. I'm terrible with blood. I did that with a vintage family heir loom tea pitcher I was dusting once. It broke in my hand and sliced half way through the thumb. I believe it was Girl Scout Thin Mints that aided in curing my boo boo then. Hope you're doing MUCH better now!!
    Still LOLing about your S word story and the squirrel...LOL


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