Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Garden Layout for Get Creative Challenge

ohhhhh little garden of mine all built up with boulders off our I love you!!!

Fun time of year, summer. Plants are kicking it into overdrive.

Thought I'd create a page all dreamy to keep their pretty faces in my brain when the snow flies.

WHICH here is right around the corner. In fact, got a load of logs dropped recently so we can start working on more firewood, sigh.

Can you believe it? THE MAN wants to teach me how to split wood 'cause my Mamma can split wood. SERIOUSLY???

MOM, thanks a lot for showing off eight years ago when I had toddlers and now they are big, he thinks I should help...this may end up in a hospital visit. Some days I have trouble walking....

Used this awesome sketch from Get Creative's Challenge but flipped it. 

Lots of fun bling on here. I got a wee bit crazy. Do you see that branch up there drawn into the sketch? That gave me the liberty to really layer it up....

So yes, the SKETCH MADE ME DO IT, honest!!!

See that little fabric green and pink flower up there? My neighbor shared that with me. She has discovered Etsy, poor thing.

Between hooking her into scrapbooking and etsy, I am sure her hubby may want to hurt me a he has to stop at every craft store between here and California when they take road trips....

Used more of that doily boarder paper from Linda's Shop which is called the Funkie Junkie that I was talking about earlier this week. See, once I get something new, I have to use it and use it...

Also got that cool beaners key from her! All the little elements I bought came in pretty little cellophane baggies tied with that light pink rumbled ribbon, which I am reusing. Also reusing a bit of packaging that you can see sneaking out right at the top with a little rose...

The Garden Scrabble Tiles are also recycled and something I blogged about here

And, I think for all you people squinting at my photo (I do that when I see garden photos to see what plants they have that I don't) that I will post a picture up that hasn't been altered. 

YES GINORMOUS Lizzy Hill sized rhubarb right there in the corner and some fox glove...

Almost to the weekend! Have a good one!


  1. AAaaaah gorgeous garden & I noted the foxglove & the giant rhubarb - how wonderful - LOVE rhubarb & custard and not available here in any form whatsoever anymore, weird. Lovely layout & all that flower action is fantastic! Just love those pinky peachy blooms :)

  2. Doesn't it make you want summer for at least 2 seasons? Love the layout, Mitra. The little fabric flower looks right at home here with all the other pretties.

  3. Dude this is gorgeous!!!
    love the pink and grey colours!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at Get Creative

  4. First thing I spotted - the rhubarb - we had some last week, stewed with apple. Well, I did. I'm the only one who eats it - you'll have to come visit Oz, Helen!! And that key - YUM! Those flowers are really cute, how the flowers sorta merge into the garden [photo]...very, very neat:):):)

  5. Your garden is wonderful! I love the boulders edging the area!
    Fabulous page! I love how you tied the embellishment key with your journaling and the flowers are beautiful.
    Good luck with your neighbor! It's tough being the enabler...

  6. Beautiful layout, love the layering ... & it's always the SKETCH that makes you do it!!! LOL Thanks for playing with us at Get Creative!

  7. Great color combo!beautiful design.Good luck and thank you so much for playing with us at Get creative.

  8. Love, love, LOOOVE this layout!!! Wow, really like this one a ton.

  9. Your garden is AWESOME!!! I love the big boulders as edging. Your page is wonderful too. I agree, blame it all on the sketch. LOL

  10. Fabulous layout and beautiful garden!!! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Get Creative!


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