Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Birthday Box for Becca & Linking up with Scrap for Help

So, a long while ago I put together this box for my niece and held off posting it until well after her birthday.

See her on the front there in a pretty pink dress?

This box truly was a labor of love.

It started life as a hand me down from Marilyn.

I was inspired to cover it with a pile of sheet music that came along in my Zeus & Zoe kit. Interestingly enough, the lid WAS lose enough to cover the seams with Tim Holtz music washi tape. I was pretty pumped!

Sprayed the inside with some silver spray paint and some black mist and let it run...It's a little bit of drama on the inside of the box, lol.

And do you see the handle on the top of this box? That is off the bathroom vanity downstairs. I replaced it when we moved in and really had the urge to keep it. It was pretty easy to poke a hole through the cardboard and install it.

Lots of fun bling on the top from my Zeus and Zoe kit, although the yellow mesh is from a bag of onions. Love to recycle. ;-)

And check out the card on the top? That too came in my kit and I wrote it out for Becca!

And here is a side view of the box. 

And, a close up of the awesome tag that came in my Zeus & Zoe Kit

Have you played along with our first challenge? Our Mixed Media challenge is open until the 15th! Please come play! 

And also, would like to link this up to ScrapforHelp for their July Challenge, which requires recycled items (the actual box, the onion bag, and handle from bathroom vanity) and also feathers! 


  1. I love how you've used the bathroom handle!!! Lovely lovelies from Z& Z, the music paper too. Did you know I think it's Scrap for Help have a feather challenge this month...c where I'm going????!!!! I THINK it's them??!!!

  2. Love the way you upcycled the vanity handle and the onion mesh! Bet your niece would be thrilled to bits :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Wow!

  4. What a wonderful treasure box!
    Alison xx

  5. Love...loveeeeeeeeee this! Looks fabulous and the use of the feather is wonderful! Tks. for playing along with us at SFH!

  6. Wow! I really love this box and every girl needs a box for treasures.. I am sure she will love it for her birthday.. you are amazing!!

  7. oh my goodness, this is just totally amazing .. all that work and how stunning! Beautiful!

    So pleased you joined in the challenge this month at Scrap For Help.

  8. If my house didn't officially belong to the military, girl, I'd be tearing up my bathroom right now for the handles!!! That is AWESOME what you did there. Holy wow did that box need a revamp. NICE save!!! :) Gorgeous gift box.

  9. Another fabulous piece, I bet she must have loved this gift.

  10. I am sure your niece LOVED this gift! You definitely improved the appearance of this gift box and made it into a true work of art! Love the recycled onion bag and the vanity handle!

  11. stunning idea lovely made!

  12. such a gorgeous box!! she must have been so excited. my kids love when I make them stuff!! thansk for playing along at SFH!!

  13. Wow! SO fun and creative!!What a great gift in itself.

  14. Love...loveeeeeeeeee this! Looks fabulous and the use of the feather is wonderful! Tks. for playing along with us at SFH!
    Big huges and kisses


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