Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soda-liteful Cake Page for Another Freaking Scrappy Sketch Challenge

Soooooo, during the 4th of July week I got a nice phone call from the office I work for in PA. Keep in mind we're five hours apart.

THEY SAID:  Mitra you are totally invited down for our picnic.
ME: SERIOUSLY? What picnic? What are you having?
THEM:  We are having  it at lunch, so if you start driving now you will still be too late.


THEN they had the nerve to read me off their menu which included chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

I might have taken this badly and swore loudly. I mean deviled eggs AND chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting??? How can you not be upset by this news.

My sis in law asked later, since she was holding down the fort downstairs as to what my problem was. (may have swore loudly wince) There was a bit of complaining on my part. Maybe even a small tear.

SO, she made me my own cake for the 4th. I texted all the losers in PA and said, THERE JERKS, I have my own cake.

Can you see it there in color just hiding out in the corner of that photo? I'd post the whole thing, but then you'd drool all over your keyboard and mouse...

See the cute little star shaped bowls? Another Sis in Law present for our little party.

And here is a sideways shot so you can see all the texture on this page and how I snuck in a few extra photos in my window....

That little denim flower was from Lizzy Hill!!! And the paper/kit used were from Scraptastic and the Summer Picnic Kit.

This page was done for Another Freaking Scrappy's latest challenge and involves just a sketch! That is pretty easy, right? I'd give it a whirl!

p.s. That cake was WAY worth eating too.


  1. Welll! How DARE they picnic on without you!!! Least you got a cake outta it all....LOVE your 'window' with those photos...really clever & ADORE your tag...that flower looks pretty neat, too:):):) I really, really like this sketch. Dratted work. Stopping me having FUN!!!!

  2. Oh I had a giggle at this post.. but then you did have your cake and ate it too!!! Winning!!!! Fabulous layout!!

  3. Love this! So many fun things to look at! Just fab!

  4. HaHa...I love the story behind your page! Glad you got your own cake at the end of it :)

  5. They have some nerve! So glad you got your dig in there!
    Awesome layout with the great window for extra pics! And the cake?! Looks quite yummy!!

  6. Great take on the sketch and I love this fun page you've created, awesome work Mitra!!!

  7. Cuteness! And I love the story that goes along with it :)


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