Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Altered Frame with Love from Across Blogland

A while back I came across this very cheap plastic frame at the second hand store. And when I say cheap, I mean less than a dollar. 

I liked the shape, but wasn't really all that sure on what to do with it. 

My first plan of attack was to remove the backing that was less than desirable. 

Here is a very terrible cell phone photo of the frame with some gesso. I thought maybe gesso would let me "stain" the flowers with some ink. It didn't really work like that had a variety of things I tried until I was happy!

Thankfully Lizzy Hill sent me some A-mazin' flowers to work with! 

Want another shot of them? I KNOW! They ROCK! I added some cheese cloth and leaves and some itty bitty little seed beads...and it all made me so very happy!

Did you see the purple ones at the top near the little bangle that Helen sent me?

Marivic sent me that very cool black pin too! Lots of fun stuff on here from some awesome bloggers.

Now the idea for printing on canvas came to me from Lisa from Kansas. It was terribly easy. She suggested ironing on some wax paper on the back of the canvas. Mine was too thick so I just cut it to be 8 1/2 by 11 and it worked just like paper! Had to feed it through twice to get it to print, but I was really happy with how it turned out!

Now, just need some of those hangers that stick on the back and I'm good to go! Oh, and a spot to hang it....

Hope you slid happily into your Monday after a fun weekend! 

And, thanks girls in Blog Land for your inspiration and for making my project come together so nicely!


  1. WOW! what a difference Mitra..and love your mom's stained glass1
    Alison xx

  2. I am sure you'll have no problem finding the perfect place to hang your frame. I really love the flowers and printing on the canvas was an inspired idea!

  3. Mitra....that is amazing! I'm not kidding. You flipped trash to treasure. The frame color is outstanding and of course blog love arranged so perfectly. That pin is freaking cool! Love how you attached the image to the pin. :)
    Glad the material worked well for you..that picture is adorable! YEAH for kids!!!! :D

  4. Wow that really is an awesome collaborative effort stash wise LOL! Love that that little Cameo has found a home dead centre!! Great project & frame rescue!

  5. This is soooooo make our stuff look fab-u-licious...& as for that frame... I would've SWORN it was wood. Agree with Lisa M ~ AMAZING!

  6. this is amazing - love that the flowers Lizzy sent you match the ones in the photo. totally wonderful!

  7. This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeee the texture and loving the flowers!!!!!!

  8. Hi, This looks really lovely! those flowers are so pretty,and I love how you can revamp anything!!

  9. i love what you've done on the frame. its fabulous!!


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