Friday, May 18, 2012

Oddballs Emporium in Potsdam and ScrapFit Challenge

So, had to make a quick page of a photo from my show. Besides, I had these little sequins I really wanted to use....and an inked up know, fun stuff! AND some MISTING for the Scrap Fit Challenge! 

OK, one more photo. They are REALLY pretty all sparkly...see the misting? Used a plastic doily to get that look with two different colors of it!

And, where might you ask, did all my stuff from the show go? Downstairs of the Alchemistress (which is where I got my tattoo) is a store called Oddball's Emporium. I would LIKE to show you inside photos, but I haven't managed to get back there for a photo shoot with a real camera. Anyhow, my stuff is hanging out with other handmade and vintage items in this store.

For the record, the day I took this photo they were SUPPOSED to be open, but we're a pretty laid back town and there was a little note on the door saying running errands...

We are so relaxed here!

And yes, I have a tat. Do you like how I snuck that in? I am still a bit in denial.


 running off before I write more things that may incriminate me....


  1. You did have a GREAT 1st show, Mitra. Love the page too. Just a tidbit about that Emporium building. It is one of the original Potsdam snadstone buildings from when the town was developed(early 1800's).

  2. HI.. that misting looks amazing! I love the colored doileey also! and I am sure the sequins look sparkly too!! fabulous layout.. great memory for you!

  3. Yes, seconding the first Lizzy [??!!] the doily looks GREAT....I've got one of those...wonder where I got it from! Will have to try this..I used mine with my yellow flower LO, but with a sponge & ink...the misting looks so much better:):) TAT??? Dare I ask where? And what? And why? You gotta tell now you've started it!!!!!!

  4. Love the SPARKLE on this layout! And the name of that shop--Oddball Emporium.

  5. Love the misting...I haven't used the goodies you sent me yet, as I'm working on an album for my niece-and I want them in MY albums-isn't that awful of me?!!!!
    Alison xx

  6. Your table looks great Mitra if a little precarious under the weight of all those crafted goodies. Do you ever sleep girl?
    Love the misting with 2 colours and the itsy bitsy sequins on your page too.

    TAT???? Please tell more!!

  7. Flippin' jealous. If I could ever decide on the image I want needled into my skin, I would get one!!! YEAH you! :)

    Love the door of the building....

  8. Can't wait to see photos of the shop! That doily masking looks so great - am dying to find the right page to use mine on!! Fantastic layout!!!

  9. Love the large doily mask! Beautiful blending with the mists! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT!!!

  10. Wow, Love the misted doily background and glittery sequins in such lovely colors!! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings

  11. This is just fabulous! I love all the different colors, the inking and all the misting! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT.


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