Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Altered Tart Pan for Another Freaking Scrappy

So, there is a very awesome challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy that will help you get any of your Mother's Day photos off that camera and onto a page! 

Of course, being one of the most laid back challenge blogs in Blog Land, you have a couple of different options to choose from as well!

Here is what Anne has to say: 

Using sketch 10 – Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in some countries – scrap a memory of your
mother or grandmother, or another lady who has influenced your life greatly.

My little altered project used the sketch flipped. I liked the idea of the four squares, it's a nice way to get some patterned paper in use but a super simple technique. 

I opted to go with my Grandma Ireland for this as I figured there was no way I could get my most recent Mother's Day photos done THAT quick.

Grandma Allegra Ireland is my Mom's Mom.
She had FIVE KIDS. 
That always impresses me!

And here are two pretty amazing ones she created right here. My Mom and my Aunt Connie from California. Sorry about the blurry photo. It's a cell phone pic!

They are getting ready to DIG IN to some super amazing desserts we split on Mother's Day! 

My Aunt Connie was on her way up to visit Grandma Ireland's Lake House. It's been in the family since those two girls were wee ones.

It's called Camp A for short since Camp Allegra is kinda a long name for something campy.

Anyhow, I made this little altered frame for my Aunt to bring up with her. 

Grandma ALWAYS wore blue. So these Prima flowers were perfect with a yellow rose for remembering 

And one more shot of how it will look on a wall. There is a huge photo wall at the Lake that I thought maybe this might work for. 

I hope you give this challenge a try! I think it's interesting to think of women inspiring you and how that might have played a role in your life today whether they are related or not!

Do you see the paper I used with text on it? That was deliberate on my part. Grandma Ireland was VERY BIG on the proper use of words. Loved words in fact.

WORDS ROCK! See ya tomorrow for HUMP DAY!


  1. I'm definitely giving this one a go! Perfect for my 'Ma's album where I'm doing a 'history' book about my family for this soontobebornbutnotyet grandson! My grandmothers were such a HUGE part of my life! I LOVE that blue & I LOVE the tart pan, too...if she was like most other ladies, she would've cooked. A lot!

  2. HI.. what a clever idea to use something kitcheny for a frame for the wall... this looks lovely!!

  3. Not only is it a creative way to remake something old into art, but I really like that you used all the elements in it that you remind you of her. The blue, the yellow, the words..LOL...yes, words ROCK! This is such a special project and those are great pictures!! :)

  4. This is beautifully done! Love that you used a cake pan to frame your photo~

  5. I wouldn't have been blurry if you had an iPhone instead of that other thing you have! LOL!

  6. I love words too! This is such a great tribute!! Love those blue flowers too!!!

  7. Such a fun post! I love your creative altered tart pan!!!!

  8. I love those blue shades - such a wondeful idea - you are full of them!! (good thing I didn't say you were full of it - a bit of a different meaning..)


  9. The extent of your creativity never ceases to amaze me,again what a lovely piece and the cakes looks yummy as well.

  10. I really, really love that you used the text paper because of the fact that she loved words. This project is so fabulous Mitra. I hope she loves it!!! (I'm sure she will.)


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