Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heather Landry Sketch with Scraptastic

A perfect pair is matching up a new Sketch that Heather Landry has made with the latest Scraptastic Kit

I am making some good headway through that kit! I do think Jessica might have a few left for if you are looking for a lovely kit, check it out. 

Sketch is SUPER EASY too! 

Here is a close up of my die cut trees, sun, and clouds. 

And, a quick word about my layout.

A bit back my boy came home with news that the authors of the Adirondack Kid Book Series was coming to school. He had read quite a few of the books already. Of course, we are less than a half hour away from the Adirondack Mountains and have visited a bunch of the places in the books already, so you can see his interest. 

Now, they had presentations all day with the students, but then also did one at night for the parents. So, I wandered over after supper. 

The cool part about the presentation was that they came up with the idea for these books randomly. His boy was around 11 or 12 and wanted to write a book. With some coaching money, the Dad decided to publish the book HIMSELF. Next thing you know, there is a publisher involved, a series was created and they are working on one new book a year. Anyone who has tried and tried and tried at something knows how much work, time and effort those past couple of sentences took. A few good years, I imagine!

They simply came up with an good idea and started following a dream. Lots of work later and they are speaking at schools and being published. Who knows what happens next!

I like that. Good stuff right there. Keep on Keeping on with what you do well and good things DO eventually happen!


  1. Soooo true....and GREAT 'scenes' a mini story of your very own!!!!!

  2. What a fabulous arty sort of page, it looks fantastic.

  3. Love the story behind your lo and the books! Such a great message!~

  4. Thanks again for using my sketch to create such an amazing page Mitra! I loved being able to read a bit more about the story behind the page too.

  5. Great story! Yup one has to be so pr0-active to get anywhere in this world. It really is up to us to make it happen!! Great page too - love the fussy-cut clouds...

  6. Cool page. Love those trees. I didn't know the story behind this author. Really nice to have them at school.

  7. Love those diecuts Mitra where did you get them from please? Love the LO and the story behind it. I agree a love of something and a lot of hard work can give you great rewards. xx

  8. What a great story! I loveeeeeeeeeee the lo! LOVING the journaling around the edges and those trees are amazing!!!!!


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