Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Remember 45 Layout: A month later

Last year on my Birthday with a little stomp, I sent a meeting request to THE MAN and said that I wanted burgers and Angry Orchard on tap for my birthday this year. See, they always ask what I want to do and I'm like ohhhhh nothing, nothing, I don't need to do anything for my birthday. Big Liar, I always want to do something for my birthday and then later I'm super annoyed they are like la-de-dah, it's a normal day.

So, after YEARS of throwing a fit.....

This year they come up with a decent plan. Might be because I sent a meeting request last year???? Anyhow, the oldest planned a massage for us that her and Luke split, Nate took us out for dinner at a burger place, and my Mom who never falls for such tricks made her world famous cheese cake. In all it was pretty epic.

Love those flowers! I always hesitate to pay $10 for flowers, but then I've used them on three layouts and I love the glitter edges! It's a pretty simple page so I needed some pizazz!!! Check out that cheese cake! Lexi decorated it all up!

What a nice day! Welcome 45! (Well, now I'm 45 and one month!)


  1. 45! Congratulations! Love those glittery gold letters....the flowers are super pretty [well worth buying!] & that cheesecake. DROOLING! All around it sounds a very very GOOD birthday :)

  2. Gorgeous layout!! And I got my awesome happy mail... LOVE it!! I'm going to the post office on Monday so watch your mail! Thank you!!!!


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