Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hell(o) Love Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE has a new card out. It's very dimensional! In fact, it's called the 3D Shadow Card. You cut the card body and then cut a very small thin part that turns into a very small box to hold all kinds of goodness.

I thought I'd be clever with the inside and add a vintage metal key, flower, and a little vellum saying. Too bad I covered up the "o" on the hello! Now it just makes me laugh a little! 

The part in the middle is dimensional & moves, so from a certain angle you can see that it does say hello love...

It turns out like a little card book though. So super cute! I can't wait to try a few more of these and those cool circle sentiments that come with them!


  1. oh my goodness oh my goodness, so pretty mitra

  2. Yup yup.. this made me giggle for sure... of course that was after I gasped at the beauty... can't wait 'til tax season is over so I can visit a bit more regularly. I get the best inspiration here...


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