Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Lamp-Strawberry Glass Shade

THE MAN liked my last lamp so much he said I should shop for another at the second hand store. Well, there is a good reason we need a second lamp, but more on that later....

Easy Peasy! This brown lamp base was $2 and almost perfect! It said Walmart on the bottom, so nothing too crazy. But I am sure I got a better price than the first owner!

I did rewire it, but only because it was just a smidge too tall for this glass shade I fixed almost two years ago and have been hoarding. Check it out here. It was also a train wreck!

I say I rewired it, but really I am stretching the truth.

It really went a little more like:

HEY....hey...hey! (Grabbing THE MAN'S ARM)

LET ME DO THAT!! Jumping up and down a little. 

THE MAN:  Fine! But when you are done making the connection make sure you show me. You are not qualified yet! I must check your work.

He wanders off.

I wire, tighten, and drop the protective metal down over the whole thing. He wanders back over.

HEY, I thought you were going to have me check your work! Are you sure your connection won't cause a fire and burn the house down?

I pout. Hang my head.

It's like a Chinese finger trap and has to be carefully pried apart. Which I do but nearly break it.

He takes over for the sake of marital harmony.

You may notice the previous lamp I had still lurking around. It fell victim to a misplaced pillow a weekend ago. It needs me to find/buy a new glass lampshade....

I got a text from a small boy which said MOM PLEASE DON'T EAT MY LIVER...but...

It's a vicious cycle around here!

One of my favorite parts is that finial at the top. I love finials. It was previously very similar to the one at the base of the lamp in the first photo. Gotta love a little spray paint. I paid $2 for two of these and I can't wait to see what I think of for the second one!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS, gorgeous!!!! Walmart meets Tiffany's...OUTSTANDING and what a bargain. Congrats on not burning down the house or consuming liver....LOL. It's really beautiful and looks wonderful next to the plant. :)

  2. You're Lighting up my day with your lamp posts....& I LIKE the text message idea. Clever kidlet!!!! I'm with you, the filial is the crowing glory....unlike your electricity wiring stunt!!!!!


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