Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Rock Lovin!

Found this lamp the other day at the second hand store for a dollar! It's real marble (or something that looks and feels like real marble, so I'm going with it) and for the record, I probably would have paid a dollar just for the white glass finial at the top.

Ok, so it didn't actually PLUG into anything since the plug was cut off AND part of the marble was broken. No lampshade of course.

In fact, the dude running the register told me when I was checking out to make sure I really wanted it due to the broken marble. I had already noticed, which is why I was also purchasing a soapstone dish. ;-)

The dish was two dollars. You see it here (the green dish tipped upside down) and the chipped marble on top of it. Ok, so maybe the whole thing was kinda like a trainwreck, but I had some rock love going on!

It took THE MAN five seconds to drill the perfect hole through the soap stone dish for the threaded lamp rod.

This rod which is perfect for lamp rebuilds is sold at hardware stores. I happened to have some from the last project! Once we drilled the dish, I was then able to paint it gold.

The little chipped marble piece was a bit more difficult to fix. We cut it with a saw! I know, I was super excited. Power tools make me happy!

Can you see it perched on it's little clamped board bed ready to be cut with a tile saw blade? It was a bit of figuring to get it steady.

And a little close up so you can see how nice it looks now! It's all even and I added a spray painted washer for a little more depth. LOVE IT!

And it's super duper heavy so hopefully nobody will knock it over during a dart gun war! If they do, well, maybe I can just remake it again!

Happy Hump Day peeps!


  1. You have an amazingly creative mind Mitra, this lamp looks fabulous and it sounds like you have a handy man to help you get things working. I love seeing your 'op' shop goodies and the way you bring them back to life.

  2. That is a lucky lamp to find its way to your house, it has a new lease on life now...looks great too!

  3. Absolutely SMASHING job.....looks sooo amazing.... That cutting is pretty awesome...seriously impressive makeover:):):)

  4. a girl after my own heart! My Dad believed that everyone should be able to use power tools so I was taught pretty young. He was a motor mechanic so he also taught me to rebuild engines - those were the days eh? now the thought of standing in a cold workshop grinding in valves does not fill me with excitement. I am glad to say that my daughter has the same love of power tools so the next generation is safe. I love your clever use of the bowl, now that is lateral thinking at its best

  5. Fred and Barney would be immensely proud, but I think for certain Wilma and Betty would have interior decorator envy!!! My WORD chica.....this is the coolest lamp/rock creation ever. Did you take it back to the guy and show him what you made with it? Who knows, he might pay you to create for him. Too cool!!


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