Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristy!

I think my friend Kristy turns 28 today. At least I'm guessing that is how old she is.

Yeah, lets go with that! ;-)

So usually I send her something which I am behind on, so I'll post it here and share it with everyone.

So "technically" I'm sending her something, it's just electronic until I get these glittered up jam jars in the mail to her.

Had a couple of jars left over from the Crab Apple Jelly Experiment. They were lonely and plain.

Had fresh black and gold spray all crazy on them!

She can either keep them for decorating OR I thought they might make nice teacher presents.

My kids have pretty much out grown that stage of school, but she has one younger than me, so perhaps that will get her out of a jam at some point. PUN INTENDED

Anyhow, Kristy hope it's sunny and shiny today in the 'Tiers and that your day is the BEST!


  1. Happy Birthday Kristy!!! And she'll be glowing in the shadow of these gorgeous glittery creations. And GROOOAN at the pun:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They look fabulous! Have a wonderful day Kirsty!


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