Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Normal Night

Last night just after I made THE MAN work out to the hated Debbie exercise DVD, our neighbor Joe showed up with two buckets.

It was near dusk and he was after the drops under our apple trees. The bruised and battered fruit were going to be supper for his pigs. Or at least a snack.

It always amuses me when Joe comes over. I look down at whatever I am wearing and think, wow I am sweaty and nasty...and then look at Joe and well, he is wearing his pig feeding outfit of a rag bag dirty t-shirt and muck boots and suddenly I am not self conscious. He's a desk-jockey like us during the day, but honestly I don't think I've ever seen him wearing anything dressy.

My point though was it was any night in a long series of evenings where the normal just happens. I had forgotten it was the Eve of 9-11 until I looked at Facebook later and saw some people posting tributes.

Had planned on posting a page today, but it did not feel right.

The news this morning said they polled Americans and something like 65% of us felt that this one event will impact our lives forever. I can agree with that.

I remember that day clearly.

I was sitting in the dining area of a past job watching two huge screens showing live feeds of that day's events. Although I was surrounded by people, I felt so alone. Saw the tower fall. Felt like I fell with it.

Went home that night wondering what was next for our country. My stomach was churning and I kept my little person close. It was not your normal night nor did that normal return for weeks, months or even years.

Lost a job shortly there after due to the economic down turn which caused a massive career change into what I do today.

THE MAN had to put up with a year of my bellyaching as I figured things out.

We got stronger as a family and then grew as a family.

I had a baby growing in my belly that night who is now big and strong.

Which just proves that life goes on and things keep growing.

We have to keep remembering though.

Got my crock pots out in the wee hours of the morning. Cut up apples for some sauce and am making pork for supper. It will yet again most likely be a normal night and that is nothing to take lightly.


  1. I cannot forget that day either. My Dad turned on the TV and said "Oh Dear God! The humanity!" and at 87 years of age he cried. He had survived WW2, having lost his right leg when a landmiine blew up the vehicle he was in in 1945 and at that moment I am sure that everything he had locked away for so long came rushing back. All we can do is live our lives in a way that would make those lost people proud of us and hope that one day peace will come.

  2. I also remember the day, my grandson was only 5 years old when he saw the images of the plane hitting the tower and he said to his mother 'why didn't they fly around the tower', he couldn't understand why someone would want to fly INTO it. As we say - out of the mouths of babes-.

  3. It was AWFUL..... tears still 'well' at the thought of those images....& the fear......dreadful.....even worse, is same sort of events are happening all over the world, all the time. So, it's the 'normal' that we should really appreciate, celebrate & NEVER EVER take for granted:):) And those apples look really, really scrummy:):)!!!!!!!!!!!!! And NO parcel yet!!!!!!!!!!!! And see, I'm baaack & commenting!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yes I will not forget that day.. I had my hubby ring me and tell me to put the tv on and I stared at it thinking this is like a very bad movie, but it was not a movie but real life with real people.. a shocking awful day that changed everyone.. and the world has not been the same since.... May we never forget ever what happened that day.. I hope your pork was yummy...

  5. Amen to that....perfect way to celebrate with normalcy. Those apples look absolutely scrumptious chica!!


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