Thursday, September 5, 2013


Happiest of Birthdays to a SUPER COOL BLOG!

LESSology is turning 2 so we are challenging you to make something birthday related!

I opted to make a box to fill with treats! It was my Aunt's Birthday last month but she is off globe trotting again. She will have to just enjoy this virtually for a bit! And of course, wait and see what kind of treats are in it!

I have really been into texture lately and metal, so I decided to reuse this box I had by covering it in embossed metal tape. 

I have a super sharp pair (bought at the hardware) scissors to use in cutting metal. They rock! THE MAN put them in my stocking at Christmas.

Sometimes you have to SKIP the girl tools and use the real stuff. Just don't cut your finger off in the process. These are THAT sharp!

Here is my box all wrapped in metal. I added some knobs I had as feet, but they turned out not to be what I used. 

I actually used little wooden pieces I got at the hardware store all painted up gold! See them peeking out there? Also added a couple of nuts that I painted gold! I wanted it just a smidge taller....

My favorite part of this box is the top! I made those rolled pine cones from a Tim Holtz die. Love how they turned out! Also used a vintage doily, two tassels from the second hand store and a real cut glass top that I found at a garage sale!

Here is a close up for it. 

I had to glue the glass to a huge washer and sand it to get the rough edges off. I found two in a give away box at a garage sale and snatched them up super quick!

Here is the second one, waiting for a project. Looks like someone snapped off the stopper part of it. So that had to be sanded. 

And on the subject of adhesives, I used two in particular on this box. The first is the best kind ever for gluing metal to glass. It's called Gorilla Glue. Again, it's an item best purchased at a hardware store. It's water activated, so you will need to spritz your item first. 

The second thing I used a LOT is shimmer modge podge. 

 One last close up so you can see the gold shimmer over the doily!

It's a fun one! Won't you play along!


  1. This looks wonderful, what a great idea of a gift too.. love the embossed metal around the sides... beautiful glass nob too.. well done on the challenge~!

  2. I love it Mitra! It's super gorgeous! Your aunt is soooooo lucky.

  3. Love your box. The little pine cones are adorable.

  4. Totally freakin' awesome. Love seeing the steps to creating this. It's beautiful


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