Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coconut Candles and Fairy Frame

As fall approaches I think of indoor projects. It also happens to be in line with people dropping off left over garage sale stuff at the second hand stores. Scored these two candle holders the other day for cheap! (huge grin!)

They were nothing spectacular but I thought I could improve them with some spray paint. ;-) Look how sad they are!

I used some ink pads, shimmer modge podge and also a smidge of gold spray paint on my cream colored frame. It is nice and thick and came directly out of my recycle pile. I removed the back off it, cleaned the glass, applied the image I had printed on sticker paper, and hot glued everything back together.

LOVE how you can see through it! SO pretty!

The image is from Nicecrane Designs and is called About Fairies and Angels. You can find them for purchase here. I have made a couple of projects from these cuties!

As I type this I am smelling coconut! I have not lit my candles yet, but they are still making me happy with their scent!

Happy Thursday! Friday fast approaches!


  1. OMG Mitra ...I am falling in love with your creation,,,,,,,,,Your frame is ABSLUTELY A PLAY OF ART,,,,,my friend,,,,,,,waht a reat showcase for my Fairies Collection,,,,You are Rock....

  2. Gorgeous frame....sweet [coconutty] candles & holders...I ADORE seeing how you 'fussy up' stuff you find...I LOVE seeing what you FIND, to be honest...always a surprise:):):)


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