Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look at Them Doggies

I can always count on THE MAN for an interesting conversation. In this particular case, he was of no help, but I don't blame him. It was early and a very hard question.

For some reason in the wee hours of the am we got in a discussion about model types. I was recycling the Victoria Secret Catalog. I get eight a week so not like a new one won't show up before I want one. I mean really. How many bras CAN you own at $50 a piece?

You know, the stereotypical twiggy long legged beauty rocking the cover of Vicky's looking hot, sultry, sexy, and bored....

Used to be covers like that would bother me. Made me feel like I wasn't good enough. Hell, like I'd never be good enough.

Can't blame Vicky's though. They are just trying to sell me an over the shoulder boulder holder using what they feel is the best possible method. It's my head that is making me feel bad.

Good thing I know something that Vicky's doesn't. Men like all kinds of body types. I happen to know through careful scientific study that they do. OK, so I asked a bunch of them at work. My choices were to continue talking about football, hunting or to change the topic of conversation.

Guys like everything about women. The way we smell, walk, breath, you name it. We are like deer. When they see us, they like to look and think and consider.

Yes it's annoying as hell sometimes but I don't think they can help it.

It's not like us women don't do our fair share of looking too. In fact, that is one of the few aspects of foot ball I can totally get into...the uniforms. ;-)

Women do appear to be slightly less annoying about our looking.

I refer to the young gentleman who rolled down his car window and yelled HEY LOOK AT THEM DOGGIES at Walmart the other day. I was in fact walking my two dogs since we were on route to a campground and they needed to pee.

However, I was later informed he was not referring to my fur babies and that I might just be a little naive.

Which brings me around to my question.

Here is what I asked THE MAN:

If men like to see all kinds of body types, why don't we have models in all shapes and sizes? Or is the industry just lazy so they stick with the one size fits all kinda thing so they don't have to think? You know like only having to grab all the B Cup bras instead of 18 trillion different ones for a photo shoot?

Yeah. He is totally a fashion industry EXPERT. (NOT!) He got that look, backed away, grabbed his coffee and lunch and made some kind of lame excuse like not wanting to be late to work.

Since we are on the topic of sexy, I will leave you with my favorite hot and sexy video. Kinda like a train wreck.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh Mitra, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I showed it to my husband who said to tell you that in Australia the 'Doggies' are referred to as 'puppies'. I didn't understand that bit until he mentioned 'puppies', the I got it!!! You put a smile on my face this morning, thanks.

  2. LOL!! I am loving this post!!! And that video always cracks me up!! :)

  3. Teehee!! Glad you're a tad naive......I'm sooo glad i simply don't care anymore. It's good to be Old sometimes:):) And I guess, it IS easier for the fashion industry. Never thought of it like that..... and to be totally honest....I don't think much of mens' bodies. I just like it allows them to help me do stuff I find hard!!!!! And mow the lawns.....paint the house...service the car...stuff I don't want to do:):):)

  4. Oh my goodness.. now you have put the cat among the pigeons.. why are the models skinny starved size 6 12 a cup models.. I am sure most men would like something to grab.. build for comfort type of thing... been a long while since anyone yelled anything at me...hehe.. enjoy the compliment... ??? I guess...??


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