Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hitting the Trail: Racing Fall Layout & First Day of Fall

Such a flat page for me to make! Just a quickie to throw right in the end of an overstuffed album to remember trail riding with THE MAN.

We have wanted to check out the trails in Parishville NY since we moved here. So finally checked something off the mental list that has been lurking for three years.

The woods was lovely. In fact, so lovely we stopped in the woods to let me take a couple of panoramic iPhone shots. Kinda want this framed HUGE for my living room! ;-)

The other significance is that was one of the last items on the Summer Bucket List.

(I actually was in the top three for that page over at Scrap Africa. I'm always perplexed when that happens to me. I don't ever play to win.) 

Fishing & Cook your own Fish
Cook over a fire
Go to Lake George
16 Cords Firewood
Potsdam Festival
Atlantic City
Kid Fort
Water Balloon Fight
4 Wheeling on a Beach
Trail Ride
Renaissance Festival
Camping in Sodus Bay
Garage Sale Trip
Roller Coaster

We did it all with the exception of Atlantic City and a Roller Coaster, which kinda would work together at some point. Just ran out of time and ran into needing to get the wood in for the winter. That by the way is all done!

This idea of a Summer Bucket List was a fantastic one for Pratt Inc. It actually really focused our efforts for fun! The next one I want to make is a personal bucket list for Pinterest. I have so many lovely things on my boards (which need some organizing attention). Unfortunately, I forget to go back and actually do them! I think some salted caramel short bread will be first on the list. I have been licking my monitor each time I scroll past it!

I am excited to compile my list. It's Officially the First Day of Fall here and my thoughts have turned to indoor projects! I have been sanding, cutting, painting, and modge podging like crazy.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Absolutely LOVE the panoramic view. You say your page is flat, but still very eye appealing. Nice job.

  2. I admire your restraint, I do...but those squares would HAVE to end up full of embellies, or writing:):):)!!!!!!!!!! And that panorama...most DEFINITELY onto a print & the can't NOT put it up. AMAZING photography...& well done with the bucket list. I wanna see a pic of that there Shirley wants some to eat:):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This looks wonderful.. love that the papers have the lines like your trees in the photos.. and well done on your win at SA, it is always a thrill to get a mention, and yes I always play to join in not to win too so I totally understand what you are saying there! and please stop licking your monitor and just make some short bread already!!


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