Thursday, May 12, 2016

Health Fair Layout

I solemnly swear I will buy NO MORE PAPER PACKETS until I use up what I have....ugh. I have two lovely rock star paper packets from Close to My Heart that never (until this page) have been used for like months. The purple one is called Taste of Summer and the chalk boardy one is called Chalk It Up. Thank goodness I was able to use pieces from both so I don' t feel like a hoarder!

I did also use a sheet of Tim Holtz paper, but that is always a hoardable kind of thing...thought it was funny to put the header butterflies and moths so it could just be seen over the paper. Those early teen years...what fun, right?

Love the flower clusters and that dog button that Lexi snagged for me from the Health Fair. She and her friend Kayla came up with the winning pitch in their class so got to design & man the booth at the health fair, which meant they got out of class for the day! Kayla's hair dictated my color choices...although I think you might be able to see a little of Lexi's purple peek-a-boo color too...

Well, we have finally made it to just another day to the weekend! I hear it's going to rain, hoping that means time in my crafting room!


  1. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the flowers!!!!!!!!

  2. I ... Just... Love... the way you combine elements, papers, embellishments, colors, whatever... somehow you make things go together that I would not have thought of... LOVE!

  3. Giggles.... Hence the purple strip across the page too??!!!!! It's a lovely page - especially the cluster up top. And congrats on digging into that stash!!!!!

  4. Fun! LOVE the eclectic mix of papers and colours!

    P/s: I haven't bought patterned paper in 3 years but my stash hasn't dwindled....paper breeds! lol


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