Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Popcorn Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

Had a LOT of fun with this box! It's a great shape to play around with, especially if you have some pretty flowers to fussy cut! I made this box from THE CUTTING CAFE Pop Corn Box. I added a pretty copper handle to dangle some lace from. 

I did struggle taking this photo though! We had a little bit of wind and the whole thing tipped right over! Had to go grab a weight to keep it from flying away! The vintage key is all glittery from SNOW, and not real glitter!

This little rock came in handy! Pretty little box! I'll be posting more photos once it's not super cold & windy!


  1. Bring on the Snow - I mean the cute SVG - A fabulous idea for the file!

  2. This IS gorgeous! Love those fussy cut flowers... and the handle is just fantastic... pretty lace too :)


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