Friday, August 28, 2020

His Future is In The Air


Sometimes when life hands you lemons, you decide to spend your summer in the air. I mean, it's not like the universe up and decided that both of the Pratt kids would be jobless, hello Corona virus I'm looking at you...However, once college ended for Luke at the start of summer & Civil Air Patrol was only meeting on zoom, he had a significant amount of free time and spending the summer days in the clouds was a perfect way to stay positive and motivated. And I mean that it helped all of us stay positive and motivated! 

Check out the recent article written about the flying program he's doing and his plans. He's working on an essay atm for the Air Force Academy and shortly after that will work on his plan b, which is looking at colleges. It's scary stuff. Kinda as scary as knowing your kid is in the air flying cross county by himself. I employ the same strategy with the virus. I think about it in very small amounts and with deep breathing to keep panic feelings at bay. Thankfully being so freaking proud overwhelms those feelings most of the time. 

These days we're looking forward to his successful check ride which will conclude his private pilot's license and also an interview & congressional nomination which will help the possibility of entering the Air Force Academy. 

I'm also looking forward to hitting some garage sales this weekend. You have to scatter in some of the little happy things while you're helping your kid achieve his dreams! Have a good Friday peeps! I'll be back soon with a story about a pink house. It's been peculating for quite some time and I'm pumped about that too. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can't begin to imagine the anxiety of knowing he is up in the air ALL BY HIMSELF!!! But they say that it is safer up there than it is on the roads nowadays so let's try and keep that in perspective.
    I really hope either plan a or b comes to fruition, he's shown resilience and determination so I am confident that he will be doing his absolute best to get where he wants to be.


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