Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby Bunny & some Blooms for Memorandum Monday

We had a little baby bunny visitor at Build Club this past Saturday. Bunny was hiding under some trash and took off like a rocket as soon as the coast was clear. This little guy was about as big as my fist and I had to zoom in with my phone so I didn't scare him further. Don't worry, I made him sign a waiver before he could volunteer with us. ;-)

Speaking of things that happen in spring, I have a few of these pretty little flowers hanging out in my garden, plust I saw my first daffodil today. So pretty!

My big exciting news from the weekend was having my Aunt visit from California and my parents came too. It was like Easter happened all kinds of early which was so fun. I even made a ham dinner and we worked on a couple of projects. I'm hopping up and down in excitement for you to see our projects! It's awesomeness!

Well, usually I'm writing about mail for Memorandum Monday, but we'll have to save that for tomorrow's post. Well, not exactly. The Aunt still has AOL, so we must have heard YOU'VE GOT MAIL about eight times. It would have been less funny but every single Pratt here picked on her about being old school. ;-)

Well, I'm off to read Sian's post for Memorandum Monday. Looks like a good one, she mentioned biker boots.


  1. Enjoy your family.. and enjoy the upcoming Spring flowers!!

  2. THOSE FLOWERS! Sooooo beautiful. Cute bunny... hope you didn't stop him in the middle of delivering eggs! And good on you having Early Easter fun with the family! Brilliant. I don't think AOL ever made it to aussie, so the only experience I have with it are the movies!!!

  3. Old school. I'm good with that. Have a great week!


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