Monday, April 3, 2017

Let there be Light, Raking, and a Show

When you live somewhere that it snows and then thaws and then snows and then thaws with an interlude of rain, more snow, some thaw, rinse and repeat, you tend to get sick of walking past the same old sticks, pine needles, and general grunge in your yard week after week. You don't dare rake it as more will be joining it soon. Well, I took a chance anyway and raked yesterday and boy does it look better out there. I said hi to some crocus, enjoyed the sun, and had a little exercise.

Couldn't work too hard though as we had a show to go see. Our high school was putting on Les Mis. Lexi and I went down to see it. So thankful a friend talked us into going. Brought all kinds of good memories back from when I saw it as a kid WHICH JUST GOES TO SHOW YOU how old this show is. I was probably around her age. So awesome!

Came home in time to eat sushi and hang my newly painted light. Of course Duncan had to help since he was very excited to have light in the entry away again. I really like the rose gold I spray painted it. Matches the tile.

Well, I'm off today to check the progress on the mudding at our Habitat House and enjoy the sunny weather....please join me in a quick wave over to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday! And keep your fingers crossed it doesn't snow anymore!


  1. ok crossing fingers for NO snow!! It is getting a tad cooler here at night heading into autumn for us folks, so hopefully things will start warming up for youse over there! Gorgeous light shade, and good side of Duncan.. but dont tell him I said that!! and I saw Le Mis at a really big theatre with revolving stage and it was magnificent.. cried of course.. I am sure your show was just as good too..

  2. I can imagine you'd be WELLR READY for Spring to come and STAY!!! That light looks amazing. LOVE it. Ummmm....never seen Les Mis. Not really big on musicals, at all..... [hiding now, before they come to cart me away for being ODD!!!!]

  3. Waving right back and keeping my fingers crossed! Have a great week

  4. That is a beautiful light! Things I've learned after three posts. I should really read your posts in order. Although it is a bit fun wondering how we got here kind of like that Seinfeld episode where we start at the end and with our way forward. Gorgeous light!


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