Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Vacation Time Layout: Tie Dye Party

Lately I've been pulling out paper that is old! This fruity paper is only from last summer I think...I had been scratching my head as to what I was going to use for these tie dye party photos....and while digging I also came across these really cool paper flowers...hence this page was born!

Really the main photo I wanted to show case was this one of Lexi and her crazy magenta fingers! So I printed it out in black and white and then again in color. Really like that look. ;-) Cute kid too!

I am really digging those spats. I was originally wishing to tie dye some paper, but hadn't really come up with a good plan on how to do that so I had to content myself with big ole purple splats and then some splatters. In general, this page is a lot like Lexi's party. First only two girls were coming and next thing you know, I had a houseful of kids making shirts! Unplanned fun!

Hope your week is off to a good start! I'm back tomorrow with a cool card that is all glittery!


  1. Fabulous layout, great memories.. and I hope the color eventually came off Lexi's hands!

  2. Love this! And I do think that combination of b/w and color photo is pretty awesome... going to have to borrow that idea! And really perfect for this page... love the whole thing!


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