Thursday, December 14, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Eleven

Goodness, we're creeping down to the very last of these aren't we! I've got something fun up my sleeve when they are all done, so I'm a little anxious! I had quite a lot of fun with this one painting the base red with gold speckles and making that ribbon rose.

Linda's tag from the Funkie Junkie blog provided quite a lot of inspiration. I used the Christmas colors and grabbed a little of my own burlap to wrap around my jar. 

The whole thing was pretty simple when I got inspired to roll my own ribbon rose from my plaid ribbon. I wanted a rose or a flower, but was having trouble finding one in my stash I I wanted to use plaid like Linda. When I made a bow with it, it wasn't making me happy. After rolling the rose, I added some vintage holly to mimic the little sprig she used at the top of the bow and then I was pleased. In fact, these are so flat I can see making some for a scrapbook page or two!

I'll be back very soon with Jar Twelve and a fond farewell to the Funkie Junkie Boutique who sponsored this challenge. She is drawing winners on my birthday so I'm hoping for a very special birthday surprise of a gift certificate to the store! If not, I'll content myself with a 10% off coupon!

Anyhow, happy Thursday to you! Friday is just around the corner....excuse me while I put on my mittens...that pesky white stuff has showed up here in NY....



  1. I loved it..the plaid rose gives it a cosy look !

  2. Well yeah....plaid! Love. Love. Love! Beautiful green jar and love the base!

  3. Oh, this is just delightful, Mitra! I am drooling over the plaid rolled ribbon rose. What a brilliant touch. The holly leaves are the perfect finisher. Kudos on Week #11!


  4. OOOOH, love that green jar, and your plaid rolled rose is gorgeous! I'm so happy you played along; I am enjoying your entries, and you 'made' your friend play along, too. Double bonus! Happy New Year!


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